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What is Galaxy Watch?

Galaxy Watch is a smart watch that combines the intelligence of a digital watch with the style of an analog watch. Discover more about Galaxy. It helps you take calls, play music, and more, all from your wrist. Available in three different options: 46mm silver, 42mm midnight black, or 42mm rose gold, it’s a stylish addition to your outfit. You can customize it even further by choosing a different color strap to suit your mood, or changing the watch face for a new color.

Like a real watch, the Galaxy Watch’s face is always on, so you don’t have to wake it up to get the time. It’s available in LTE and Bluetooth models, with the former allowing you to go phone-free for a while because you can use Samsung Pay, send a text, or answer a phone call with your watch.

Galaxy Watch also helps you track your day, whether it’s keeping an eye on your schedule, or literally tracking your steps and exercise. And because there are so many apps to choose from, you can use your favorite apps to get through your day.

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*Availability of LTE model may vary by country or carrier.

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