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What's in the Galaxy Note10 box?

Each Galaxy smartphone comes with the essentials you need to start your experience off right, and Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are no exception. Included with in the box with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are the S Pen, of course, a USB Type-C data cable, pen nibs, tweezers for the pen nibs, SIM tray ejection pin, Quick Start Guide, a cover, and a protective film for your screen.

There are also some upgrades made to the essentials included with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+. The bundled earphones are now USB Type-C. By switching to USB Type-C earphones, you're able to enjoy a richer sound quality with less crosstalk. But if your favorite headphones have a 3.5mm plug, you can purchase the Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter to keep using them.

And with the included 25W Travel Adapter, you can take advantage of Super Fast Charging, giving you a day's worth of power with little wait. Plus, you can get even faster charging on your Galaxy Note10+ by picking up the 45W Travel Adapter to get your phone back to 100% in record time for a Galaxy smartphone.

Included in the box is all you need to get started, but you can upgrade your experience even further with accessories sold separately.

*Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter sold separately.
*Super Fast Charging 2.0 is only available on Galaxy Note10+ with 45W Travel Adapter (PD3.0 standard) and 5A C-to-C Cable, which are sold separately. Use only Samsung-approved battery, charger, and cable specifically designed for your device.
*Actual components, including cover, protective film, and USB Connector may not be available depending on the model you purchase or the country or region you live in. Excluding cover, white components only available with white devices and all other device colors will receive black components in box.

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