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How do you use Multitasking on Galaxy Z Flip and Fold?

Samsung Galaxy phones are already well-known for their multitasking feature, with adjustable split-screen capabilities so you can choose what you focus on when you're doing many things at once. To take full advantage of the main displays on Galaxy Z Flip and Fold, we enhanced the Samsung multi-window experience. On Galaxy Z Flip, you can split the screen in half, while Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch screen gives you the power to do three things at once. And with the advanced AP and RAM combination on these phones, even your busy moments on the phone will run smoothly.

You can multitask in either landscape or portrait mode, giving you even more flexibility. The screen is split, with one window being the main focus, and the other two windows off to the side—but all three are active, not just the largest window. You can adjust the window focus as needed with a simple drag and drop movement, and even drag and drop a notification into a new window if it needs your urgent attention. And when you're using the keyboard, the app that's in focus doesn't get cut off.

To begin multitasking, simply swipe from the right side of the screen. A tray of suggested apps will appear, and when you choose which to open, it will automatically shift into a dual screen setup. And on Galaxy Fold, you can open one more app to get the full multitasking experience.

*Certain third party applications may not support multitasking.

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