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How do you use Precision Zoom Control on Galaxy devices?

Before we get to Precision Zoom Control, let's talk zoom in general. It's very simple to use the 3x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 30x Super Resolution Zoom available on Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S20, and S20+, the 5x Optical Zoom and 50x Super Resolution Zoom on Galaxy Note20 Ultra, or the 10x Optical Zoom and 100x Super Resolution Zoom on Galaxy S20 Ultra. Open the Camera app, and pinch on the viewfinder to zoom. A zoom bar will appear to let you swiftly zoom in and out with your finger and change the zoom level with a simple swipe. There are also buttons below the viewfinder that appear so you can quickly zoom in to specific depths.

Precision Zoom Control is available in Pro video mode in the Camera, and gives you incredible control over your zooming while you record. Much like with typical zoom, a zoom bar comes up to give you the ability to change the zoom levels — but this also gives you the opportunity to alter the speed, as well. So you can slowly zoom in for dramatic effect by dragging your finger along the bar, or quickly zoom out into a grand reveal of the surroundings.

Use these zoom functions to catch the action in a single frame, or capture the whole moment from beginning to end.

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