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Why do phones have multiple rear cameras?

As phone technology advances, so does mobile camera technology. As a result, many cameras now feature multiple rear cameras — dual, triple, or quad — so you can get a pro-level photography experience with your smartphone. With the addition of another camera, you can broaden your photo-taking abilities. Now you can utilize optical zoom for a clear close-up, or switch to a wider field of vision to capture even more of the scene. Sometimes the cameras can work together to make your photos better. The recent addition of the DepthVision Camera to Galaxy phones goes beyond photography to bring in Augmented Reality capabilities as well.

Whether your Galaxy phone has two, three, four, or even more rear cameras, they work separately and in harmony to bring you an innovative mobile camera experience, and a Gallery full of incredible photos, videos, and more.

*DepthVision Camera available on Galaxy S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10+, and Galaxy S10 5G rear cameras.
*Camera configuration may vary by model.

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