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Does the Galaxy Note10 have a SD card slot?

Both Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ offer 256GB internal storage, giving you ample space to store your photos, movies, games, and more. Galaxy Note10+ also has the option of 512GB storage built in, giving you even more room to keep your important files on hand.

For even more storage options, you'll want the Galaxy Note10+, which has expandable memory and lets you insert a microSD card into the phone for up to an additional 512GB of storage. On the 512GB Galaxy Note10+ model, this gives you up to 1TB of storage — that's laptop-level storage without the laptop. If your carrier supports dual SIM, your Galaxy Note10+ LTE model may have a Hybrid SIM tray, which allows you to use either two SIM cards or use it as a microSD card slot by swapping out one of the SIM cards for a microSD card.

*Hybrid SIM tray available only on Galaxy Note10+ LTE model.
*SIM card sold separately. Availability of dual SIM may vary depending on country or carrier.
*MicroSD card sold separately. Availability may vary depending on country and manufacturer.

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