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How do I edit a video on Galaxy S20?

With a built-in video editor, editing your motion masterpieces is easy and convenient on Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Whether you've shot the footage yourself or your friends send it to you, it's simple to use the video editing app to add music, cut scenes, and even add doodles with S Pen. And you can use it in both portrait and landscape mode, giving you freedom to easily edit your videos, however you shot them.

Open the Gallery and open the video you'd like to edit. If you'd like to edit multiple movies together, you can tap the film icon in the upper right corner and select the files you want, tap Create Movie at the bottom, and then tap "Edit yourself" to get started. Tap on the pencil icon in the bottom left corner and you'll be in the Samsung video editor.

In this easy video editor, you can add transitions, music, and text to the movie scenes. You can also change the speed of the action, or even add filters to switch up the mood of your movie. If you have people starring in your video, you can adjust their appearance slightly. There's also the option of adding your own doodles, or enhancing the scene with stickers. Once you've finalized your masterpiece, simply hit save to have your file ready for debut.

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