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Does Galaxy have wireless earbuds?

Samsung wireless earbuds are a convenient and hands-free way of enjoying your music, talking to your friends, and even performing simple tasks on your phone. Galaxy Buds+ pair up easily to your Galaxy smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you hands-free freedom without needing to go through a complicated set-up.

The Galaxy Buds+ come in a capsule-shaped case, even easier to slip into a pocket or purse. The case also doubles as the charger for Galaxy Buds+, giving you hours of music. And when you need a recharge, the Galaxy Buds+' case can charge wirelessly, meaning you can put it down on your wireless charger, or even utilize Wireless PowerShare to get a boost from your phone. The earbuds offer high-quality music playback with sound by AKG and clarity for phone calls with adaptive dual microphones so you'll hear the sounds you want to hear.

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