Background showing Earth in space and a smartphone located to the right.
Onscreen is an astronaut wearing a helmet positioned in the top-right corner of the-screen, with the camera lens appearing on top of the helmet.

Your Wallpaper
For Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Note10

Incorporate Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Note 10’s Punch-Hole and
create your very own eye-popping wallpaper!
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Here’s how you can get started!

Create your own wallpaper using one
of the two methods listed below.

Download Template!

Download the template of either Galaxy S10 | S10+
or Galaxy Note10 | 10+, and starting designing!

Fill in the template with your creativity
and let your imagination run wild.

Two devices that are eligible to enter Design-Your-Wallpaper promotion, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, with S Pen showing in front.
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‘Create Now’

Try finding an appropriate image that fits well as
a Galaxy S10/Note10 Wallpaper.

Click the ‘Create Now’ button below
for a quick and easy start to designing.

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Desktop monitor showing a smartphone with a wallpaper being designed as a close-up image of a pencil tip pointed at the top-right corner.
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How’s this for an idea?


Save your Wallpaper

Once finished, save your wallpaper.
Click the download button below and the image
will be automatically saved.

Galaxy S10

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Choose the template either Galaxy S10 | S10+ or
Galaxy Note10 | 10+, and starting designing!