1. A. COVERAGE 保障範圍

    The Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co. (HK) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Tokio Marine) will repair or replace Covered Property that has incurred direct physical loss or direct physical damage caused by or resulting from any covered cause of loss during coverage period.

    1. Covered Property 投保財物保障
      An accidental screen damage of Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ owned by individual subscribers who is registered under ClubS and completed the designated product registration process for your S8/S8+.
      客户成功登記為 ClubS 會員並成功登記你的Samsung Galaxy S8/ 8+ 後,將獲得螢幕意外損壞保障

    2. Coverage Period 保障有效期
      Tokio Marine cover “Once” loss or damage for a length of 12 months from the date of purchase.

    3. Coverage Territory 保障地域
      Tokio Marine insure the Covered Property wherever it is located in Hong Kong SAR


    1. This Insurance does not apply to loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any of the following
      1. Nuclear Hazard 核子災害
        Nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, however caused. If physical loss or damage by fire ensues, we will pay only for such ensuing loss loss or damage.
        任何核子反應、輻射或放射性污染. 但其後因火災所引致的損失則除外

      2. War 戰爭
        1. War including undeclared or civil war;
        2. Warlike action by a military force; or
        3. Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, usurped power or action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these.
        1. 戰爭包括未宣戰或內戰
        2. 軍事行動
        3. 叛亂、叛逆、革命、奪權或政府當局採取的阻止或捍衛行為

      3. Strike, lock-out, riot, civil commotion or terrorist attacks

      4. Dishonest, Intentional, or Criminal Acts 不誠實、蓄意或刑事行為

        Dishonest, intentional or criminal acts by individual subscribers or by any person entrusted with Covered Property, whether acting alone or in collusion with others, with respect to his or her coverage

      5. Wear, Deterioration, Latent Defect 磨損、變壞、潛在缺陷
        1. Wear and tear, deterioration; or
        2. Hidden or latent defect, including equipment design defect, or any quality in the property that causes it to damage or destroy itself.
        1. 磨損、變壞、潛在缺陷
        2. 隱藏或潛在缺陷, 包括產品設計上的缺陷或品質上引致的損毁

      6. Willful Acts 蓄意行為
        Willful act on the part of the individual subscribers or one of his representatives


    In the event of loss or damage to Covered Property, the individual subscribers and his or her designee requesting the repairing service must cooperate with us and see that the following are done;
    1. Notify Authorized Repair Center 通知有關指定維修中心
      Upon discovery of loss, notify the Authorized Repair Center within 14 Days
      1. How, when and where the loss or damage occurred
      2. The individual subscribers must provide other information and records, such as a bill of sale; as requested.

      當發現財物損毁, 應在14天內通知指定維修中心
      1. 如何、何時及發生損毁地點
      2. 客戶需提供購買單據正本及其它相關資料

    2. Protect 保護
      Take all reasonable steps to protect the Covered Property from further damage.

    3. Servicing Charge 服務費用
      You are required to pay a Servicing Charge of HK$300 to the Authorized Repairing Center to entitle this Coverage.
      客戶需要支付港幣$300的服務費用予指定維修中心, 方可享用此保障

  4. D. OUR DUTY IN EVENT OF LOSS 我們在財物損毁後的責任

    Claim Authorization and Loss Payment 賠償安排
    If an accidental screen damage claim is made, Tokio Marine will make loss payment to the Samsung Electronic H.K. Company Limited directly

If you have any question, please Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co. (HK) Ltd. in email address of directly. This cover is automatically provided to your Samsung Galaxy S8/ 8+ by Tokio Marine once you are a member of ClubS and completed the designated product registration process for your S8/S8+. Under no circumstance shall Samsung Electronic H.K. Company Limited or its affiliates, or any of their employees, agents, service providers, suppliers, sub-contractors, directors, officers or shareholders be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of profit or loss of business, caused by the failure of the Product, loss of use of the Product or the repair, faulty repair or replacement of the Product, even if such loss or damage are attributable to or caused by the fault or negligence of Samsung Electronic H.K. Company Limited or its affiliates or any of their employees, agents, service providers, suppliers or subcontractors.

Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese version of this document, the English shall be prevail. Please refer to the Policy Specimen for complete details and a Specimen Policy can be made available on request.

如有任何疑問,可直接電郵至 此保障是你成為Club S的會員並成功於登記你的S8/ 8+ 後,將會由東京海上提供。在任何情況下,三星香港或其附屬公司,或任何其僱員,代理,服務商,供應商,分包商,董事,高級職員或股東不會就任何產品的故障,使用本產品之損失或產品之維修、維修故障或更換產品(即使這種損失或損害是由於或因三星香港或其關聯公司或其任何員工,代理商,服務商,供應商或分包商的過失或疏忽造成的) 而導致的任何間接,有連帶關係的或相應的損失或損害(包括但不限於利潤或業務上的損失) 承擔責任。

如對本條款的英文版本和中文版本之間存在任何差異, 以英文版本為準。請參閱本保險單詳情,保險單範本可按閣下要求提供。