Consumer Electronics


Dreams are boundless. Samsung Electronics constantly reinvents tomorrow to pursue happier and richer lives. We explore the territory of the unknown to discover potential and fulfill greater promise.


We continuously develop and expand strategic products in our Consumer Electronics division.
Since we first won top global market share in 2006, exceptional technology and innovative design have strengthened our unrivaled leadership in flat-panel TVs and monitors.
In the Digital Appliances business, we achieved remarkable growth by debuting inventive new products and differentiated design in the premium market.

Visual Display Business

With our new Lifestyle TVs, we will realize our vision ‘Screen Everywhere’ that unlocks limitless freedom for displays to be placed anywhere at home.

In 2016, our Visual Display Business released quantum dot TV and was globally recognized for its best-in-class picture quality, and our Serif TV ushered in a new design paradigm in the TV industry and elevated our position as an industry leader. The year 2017 is forecast to experience rapid growth in UHD TVs and curved TVs thanks to an increasing consumer awareness of high resolution and high picture quality. With an aim to provide the best-possible viewing experience to our consumers, we will launch the world’s first and only QLED TV that delivers 100% color volume, a newly emerging standard of picture quality measurement that can strengthen our leadership position in the premium TV market. Moreover, ‘The Frame’ which transforms any living room into an aesthetically-pleasing gallery, along with other diverse accessories equipped for each product line-up will enable us to cater diverse consumer preferences. Furthermore, 2017 Smart TV will allow customers to enjoy a wide spectrum of content on a single screen and feel the out-standing user experience by controlling their set-top box, game consoles, and almost all other peripheral devices on a single remote control.

Digital Appliance Business

Brilliant innovation you never expected, but come to rely on at home, everyday.

Samsung Electronics is relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative products and experiences that maximize user convenience and make the lives of consumers better. In 2016, we saw an increase in sales throughout Asia in addition to revenue growth across premium appliance markets in North America, Europe, and Korea. In 2017, we will continue to bring real value to consumers by launching differentiated products and technologies. Our ground-breaking and consumer-focused products will challenge routines and stereotypes, leading the market by delivering true innovation and convenience to our valued consumers. We will maintain our market leadership position with premium and innovative products. In addition, we are continuing to invest in revolutionizing products and distribution methods for our high-growth, high-profit B2B business.


Health & Medical Equipment

Samsung Healthcare's New Experience Through "Access, Accuracy and Efficiency".

Samsung Healthcare is developing and selling ultrasound system, Digital Radiography, and mobile CT to various medical institutions around the world, focusing on large-scale imaging equipment.
The premium mobile digital radiography system GM85 provides excellent convenience with its light and compact design, and has greatly improved diagnostic accuracy and enhanced usability by introducing new innovative applications and AI technology.
Samsung Healthcare developed ALND (Auto Lung Nodule Detection) function that combines advanced signal processing technology and AI technology with image diagnostic equipment. ALND is licensed as an AI medical function.
HERA I10, a new form factor* allowing for a more comfortable environment with refined imaging technologies for increased diagnostic confidence, received the Best Product Award from 19th Ergonomic Design Award Competition sponsored by Korea Ergonomics Association for its innovative ergonomic design.
* A combination of ultrasound system, Built-in Chair, and Transducer Station.