Notebook 3

Vivid Full HD Viewing Experience

Enjoy stunning onscreen results. With support for Full HD, the Samsung Notebook 3 delivers clearer, sharper images than HD-resolution displays. View high-resolution videos and pics in clarity. With anti-glare coating, you can enjoy a clearer view, no matter where you are.

* Actual configuration and specifications vary depending on model and region.

More Stylish, Lighter and Slimmer

The Notebook 3 boasts refined, stylish design and enhanced portability at 2kg (approximate figure)*. It’s light and stylish enough to carry wherever you need to go.

* Weights vary depending on manufacturing process.
* HDD configuration: 1.98 kg (US: 4.37 lbs)
* Dual storage (SSD + HDD) configuration: approximately 2.0 kg (US: approximately 4.41 lbs)
* Images are for reference only. The color of Model Code: NP300E5M-X01, X02, K01, K02HK is black.

Enhanced Speed and Storage

Run your OS and programs at breathtaking speeds with a super-fast SSD. Make the most of the SSD and HDD dual storage to save all your files and data. Make hardware improvements by simply removing the covers on the rear of your notebook. Upgrade your HDD (up to 1TB) and memory unit (up to 16GB).

* Actual configuration and specifications may vary depending on model and region.
* Images are for reference only. The color of Model Code: NP300E5M-X01, X02, K01, K02HK is black.

Extended Battery Power

Stay powered up for even longer with extended battery life. A full charge will last you up to 9.5 hours*. The battery retains up to 70% of its original capacity even after 1,000 charge cycles, all thanks to Samsung’s exclusive Battery Life Extender solution.

* MobileMark2007 : 9.5 hrs/MobileMark 2014 : 5.5 hrs
* For models featuring HD displays, MobileMark 2007 : 11.5 hrs/MobileMark 2014 : 6.5 hrs
* Battery usage time depends on individual usage patterns.

Five Display Color Modes

Choose from five color modes (Auto, Dynamic, Standard, Photo Editing, and Reading Modes) for an optimized viewing experience. Manually customizable color tone settings let you maximize your viewing pleasure.

Featuring Windows 10

The Notebook 3 comes with Windows 10, offering familiar usability, combined with exceptional software compatibility. A range of useful apps is available for download.

Wi-Fi Transfer

Use the Wi-Fi Transfer feature to instantly share big files between your notebook and other devices, including smartphones.

*Feature only available on selected models.

*Feature only available on selected models.

Simple Sharing

Simple Sharing lets you share your photos, videos, and documents with other mobile users to their PCs or mobile phones simply by selecting their phone numbers.

*Feature only available on selected models.
* Up to 2 GB of files transferrable(up to 1 GB for each file)
* Sent files are downloadable for up to 48 hours(files may be deleted before 48 hours).

*Feature only available on selected models.
* Up to 2 GB of files transferrable(up to 1 GB for each file)
* Sent files are downloadable for up to 48 hours(files may be deleted before 48 hours).



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Each of the following remarks is only applicable to the corresponding product features or specifications which are related to such remark on this page.

* The support and availability of 5G Network Standard may vary depending on device. Please click here to refer to the 5G Network Standard supported by Samsung Hong Kong 5G devices.

+ For reference only, please check with our staff for details.

▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to pre-configuration. The pre-configuration includes preloaded operating system and applications.

*Image simulated.

- Storage capacity representation: The capacity of the storage device (HDD, SSD) of the manufacturer is calculated assuming that 1KB=1,000 Bytes. However, the operating system (Windows) calculates the storage device capacity assuming that 1KB=1,024 Bytes, and therefore the capacity representation of the HDD in Windows is smaller than the actual capacity due to the difference in capacity calculation. For example, for a 80GB HDD, Windows represents the capacity as 74.5GB, 80x1,000x1,000x1,000 byte/(1,024x1,024x1,024)byte=74.505GB. In addition, the capacity representation in Windows may be even smaller because some programs such as Recovery may reside in a hidden area of the HDD. Memory capacity representation: The memory capacity reported in Windows is less than the actual capacity of memory. This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory or claims it for further use. For example, for 1GB(=1,024MB) memory installed, Windows may report the capacity as 1,022MB or less.

- Actual battery life may vary depending on application usage, settings, features or tasks selected, network configuration, operating temperature and many other factors.

- Windows is either registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other products and services mentioned may belong to their respective trademark owners.

^ Not applicable to the model available in Hong Kong.

- Weights vary depending on manufacturing process.

- Some apps and content for Windows sold separately. Feature and app availability and experience may vary by device and region.

- Hong Kong models of Galaxy Book Flex2 5G only supports 5G TDD Sub6 N78(3500) 5G Network Standard.