Notebook 5

Slim, Stylish Design

Designed with portability and usability in mind, the Samsung Notebook 5 features a large, 15.6” display, as well as a slimmer, lighter frame and sleek, stylish design.

* Images are for reference only. The color of Model Code: NP500R5L-Z02HK is white.

State-of-the-art Performance

Equipped with a sixth-generation Intel processor, built using 14nm manufacturing processing technology, the Samsung Notebook 5 delivers much more powerful performance than its predecessors. Enjoy enhanced usability – whatever you need to do.

※ Source: Intel (Intel Skylake mobile platform selling guide June 2015 final)
* Based on the 6th Gen Core™ i7 6600U processor projections vs. Intel® 5th Gen Core™ i7 5600U on Sysmark 2012
** Based on the 6th Gen Core™ i7 6600U processor projections vs. Intel® 5th Gen Core™ i7 5600U on 3DMark11

Exceptional Graphics

The latest NVIDIA Geforce graphics chip comes as standard, in addition to a built-in Intel graphics core. This new graphics setup offers you 1.5 to 2 times faster performance than ordinary Intel graphics cores. Play high-definition videos and games, edit videos and do even more – now at lightning-fast speeds.

Enhanced Storage

Enhanced Storage The Samsung Notebook 5 comes with both Solid State and Hard Disk drives as standard, allowing you to store more data and run programmes at ultra-fast speeds. Boot faster and enjoy more multimedia contents on your Notebook 5.

Ergonomic Keyboard

A UL-certified keyboard features ergonomically designed keycaps and well-spaced keys. Enjoy an incredibly comfortable typing experience.

Longer Battery Life

Get more out of your device for longer with up to 10 hours* of usage time. The Battery Life Extender, a unique Samsung innovation, means your battery retains up to 70 percent** of its original capacity even after three years of usage. Ordinary laptop batteries typically retain only 20 percent of their initial capacity after just 1.5 years of usage.***

* Battery life of 10 hours based on MobileMark 2007 test and 8 hours based on MobileMark 2014 test.
** Battery capacity is based on Samsung's internal tests. No additional battery warranty applies. Typical users charge their laptops around 300 times per year.
*** Usage times may vary according to individual usage patterns.
* Images are for reference only. The color of Model Code: NP500R5L-Z02HK is white.


Use SideSync to connect your smartphone to your notebook via a cable or a Wi-Fi connection. View your phone screen on your Notebook 5, field voice calls, transfer files and send text messages.

* SideSync may not work in some device models.

* SideSync may not work in some device models.

Samsung Link

Samsung Link lets you share and transfer a range of files, images and videos between your Notebook 5 and other linked Samsung smart devices.

* Samsung Link may not work in some device models.

* Samsung Link may not work in some device models.

Pattern Login

Diversify your login options. Use a convenient pattern login, just as you would on a smartphone. Get creative with your pattern selection!

Secret Screen

Need some privacy? Just press the Fn + F10 key to discreetly dim your display and keep prying eyes at bay.

Record Block

Prevent unauthorised third-party access attempts on your webcam and microphone with Record Block. Launch the feature simply by pressing Fn + F11 and keep would-be hackers at bay.

Seamless Wi-Fi Connection

Use the Best AP feature and enjoy more stable, faster Wi-Fi connectivity. Seamless network connection for all of your Wi-Fi needs.



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▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to pre-configuration. The pre-configuration includes preloaded operating system and applications.

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- Storage capacity representation: The capacity of the storage device (HDD, SSD) of the manufacturer is calculated assuming that 1KB=1,000 Bytes. However, the operating system (Windows) calculates the storage device capacity assuming that 1KB=1,024 Bytes, and therefore the capacity representation of the HDD in Windows is smaller than the actual capacity due to the difference in capacity calculation. For example, for a 80GB HDD, Windows represents the capacity as 74.5GB, 80x1,000x1,000x1,000 byte/(1,024x1,024x1,024)byte=74.505GB. In addition, the capacity representation in Windows may be even smaller because some programs such as Recovery may reside in a hidden area of the HDD. Memory capacity representation: The memory capacity reported in Windows is less than the actual capacity of memory. This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory or claims it for further use. For example, for 1GB(=1,024MB) memory installed, Windows may report the capacity as 1,022MB or less.

- Actual battery life may vary depending on application usage, settings, features or tasks selected, network configuration, operating temperature and many other factors.

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- Hong Kong models of Galaxy Book Flex2 5G only supports 5G TDD Sub6 N78(3500) 5G Network Standard.