Notebook 9 Pen


S Pen ― always there

Using the Samsung S Pen is a breeze. Designed to slot into your Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, it is always at hand and requires no charging. The notebook is also 360° rotatable, letting you access an array of practical usage modes, including stand and tablet mode.

Superb S Pen experience

With a 0.7mm-fine pen tip and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the Samsung S Pen delivers you a remarkably realistic writing experience. The notebook recognizes the S Pen’s tilt, allowing for easy thickness adjustment ― and incredibly accurate writing and drawing.

Express your creativity

Express your creativity Express your creativity

Write down your idea

Write down your idea Write down your idea

Quick and easy Air Command features

A range of Air Command features are easily accessible with your S Pen. Use Create Note and View All Notes to take and check your notes. Smart Select lets you take screenshots. Take instant on-screen notes using Screen Write, and view your screen on a bigger display with the Show Window feature.

Lighter, but tougher

Ultra-light at just 995g(2.2lbs), the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is exceptionally portable. But its lighter build does not come at the expense of durability. Made of ultra-resilient Samsung Metal 12™ material, it offers you exceptional durability.

* Metal 12™ is a super-light and strong magnesium alloy.

Look at me to login

Facial recognition

Just look at your notebook to unlock it and get started. Windows Hello facial recognition technology detects your face via the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen’s infrared camera. Logins are now faster than ever!

Touch on me to login

Fingerprint login

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen’s fingerprint recognition technology lets you log in the second you touch it, reading your fingerprint with a secure, built-in sensor.

View more with an ultra-compact design

Designed with portability in mind, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen boasts an incredibly slim design. But despite its compact build, the device’s super-thin 7.3mm bezel means it actually has a significantly bigger screen. Enjoy a better viewing experience on thinner ―yet larger ― display.

Quick and simple charging

Charging the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is effortless. You can conveniently top up the battery with a USB-C type, portable battery pack or a charging adapter with Easy Charging functionality. And with Fast Charging, a mere 10 minute top up provides up to 1.8 hours of usage time.

* Usage times based on self-tested MobileMark 2007 standards. Battery usage times based on MobileMark 2014 test standards show that around 10 minutes of charging provides up to 1.3 hour of usage time.
* It must be charged by dedicated Samsung Charger and Battery.

Crisp, vibrant viewing

The UL-verified Samsung RealView Touch Display allows for clear viewing on your device from all directions. Immerse yourself in whatever you want to view with rich, lifelike colors. Use its outdoor mode to enjoy a bright, crisp picture, even when you are outside, with up to 450nit brightness.

* Outdoor mode can be toggled by pressing Fn+F10.

Advanced performance

Cutting-edge technology, coupled with the latest 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor and Samsung Dual channel memory and SSD, all combine to deliver you outstanding performance. Access tons of apps, sophisticated programs and more – all at breathtaking speeds.

* Product Specifications and configurations may vary by model.

Far-Field Microphone

Record your lectures and meetings with ease. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen’s far-field microphone captures clear audio, even from speakers who are standing at a distance away from you.

Record key moments and take notes

Voice Note

Never miss a key moment in a meeting or lecture again with the Voice Note function. Organize your notes with a handy bookmark feature, and record content by chapter, adding memos as you go. With a far-field microphone that removes ambient noise, you get clear audio, even from a distance.

Unleash your creativity

Studio Plus

Studio Plus lets you craft your own video content. This easy-to-use photo and video editing tool helps you create your own way. You can edit your videos, insert captions and more. Use a range of fun, pre-loaded themes to make your precious memories that extra bit special.

Safeguard your data

Privacy folder

Use the Privacy Folder to keep your important data secure. The folder appears on your notebook screen only when a registered user logs on using facial recognition authorization. Hide your private data safely ― and without unnecessary hassle.

Faster, easier app access

Ink workspace

Make the most of the Ink Workspace for easier, faster app launching. Add an array of Ink Workspace icons on the system tray for fast access to frequently used apps, including Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch.

  • * Once the privacy folder feature is activated, you can hide or unhide private folders by pressing the Fn+F11 keys.

Check your text messages on your PC

Samsung Messages

With Samsung Messages, you can send and receive your smartphone messages right from your PC. Using Samsung Message, you can focus on what you’re doing, without having to reach for your phone every time you get a text message.

Easier photo access

Samsung Gallery

Get easy access to photos captured on your smartphone, on both the Notebook 9 Pen and your smartphone at the same time. Make simple edits with the Samsung Gallery, backup your smartphone pictures to your PC ― and organize them by date, location and user created tags.

Simple content sharing with contacts

Link Sharing

Share files directly with your contacts, or share right from an application using the Windows 10 share feature. You can store up to 2GB of data on the server for up to 48 hours, and each file may be up to 1GB in capacity.

Share files via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Transfer

Share directly to another compatible PC or mobile device without Internet connection. Wi-Fi Transfer is a peer-to-peer solution that lets you share any file, anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at a cafe or on the move, there’s no need to hunt around for a Wi-Fi signal.



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