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Get ready for battle! With a dragon's eye motif, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey provides you perfect assistance for victory with its top notch performance.

An image of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey, showing its screen. This features a dragon’s eye set against a dragon skin backdrop, with the logo gradually appearing from the eye.

Each part of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6")'s design is inspired by dragons.

An image showing the logo on the Samsung Notebook Odyssey's top illuminates with red light.

Unparalleled performance

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey delivers desktop PC-level performance with an Intel 45W Quadcore CPU and an nVidia GTX 1050 40W full performance graphics with built-in GDDR5. Play games and perform other tasks as fast as you would on a desktop PC.

An image of the black Samsung Notebook Odyssey, showing a fantastic-looking dragon coming out of its screen. Also displayed are graphs that compare the results of 3D Mark 11 Benchmark tests of the Samsung Notebook Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6〃, GTX 1060):11968.5 with a previous model, which scores 4415. Below the graphs, the previous mode’s specs can be seen. These read: 6th Generation Intel Core i7 / Nvidia GTX 950M(GDDR 2GB) / DDR3 8GB. In addition, icons for the Intel 7th Keby Lake i7 45W Quadcore CPU, the nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 with GDDR5 4GB, the Latest DDR4 2 slot and dual channel memory are shown.

Efficient cooling

The dragon skin-look Hexagon cooling panel maximizes cooling by absorbing external air into the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s inner workings through a perforated shell.

An image of a Samsung Notebook Odyssey device’s bottom facing upwards, showing how it absorbs cool air and emits hot air, using arrows and graphics to illustrate the process.
An image of the inside of a Samsung Notebook Odyssey device’s bottom section, showing how its inner structure absorbs cool air and emits hot air, using arrows and graphics to illustrate the process.

Simple upgrade

Upgrading the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s units is a breeze. Just open its Hexagon rear panel to access its SSD slot and two DDR4 memory slots – enjoy easy upgrade options anytime.

A image showing the Heatsink being opened on the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s bottom
A video showing the Heatsink being opened on the Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s bottom

Immersive display

Clearer and brighter

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey delivers clearer and more vivid images on its Wide Viewing Angle Display. You can enjoy brighter images with exceptional display brightness.

An image of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey, showing its screen with game
A video showing a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey device being rotated from the front to the side with its screen displaying gameplay
An image of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey, showing its screen with game.
An image showing the side of a Samsung Notebook Odyssey device, with a game running on its screen.

Vivid Video Viewing

Experience dynamic motion

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") supports Video HDR, instantly optimizing contrast and color in real-time for a more dynamic viewing experience. Immerse yourself in lifelike movies.

Video HDR is turned off with an image of a female musician and a dragon on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey screen.
Video HDR is turned on with an image of a female musician and a dragon on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey screen.
Video HDR is turned off with an image of a female musician and a dragon on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey screen.
Video HDR is turned on with an image of a female musician and a dragon on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey screen.

Ultimate gaming experience

Highlighted WASD keys, ergonomically-designed, Crater Keycaps and an adjustable backlit keyboard help you focus on your gaming sessions. Its touch pad features mood lighting to deliver a more vivid, immersive gaming experience.

An image showing the top view of a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey device open, with its screen displaying medieval knights, as well as a curved keycap icon at the bottom right. The image shows that when the screen is scrolled, the keyboard and touchpad light up. Also visible is a magnified image of the keyboard.

While gaming, you can check your PC’s status. You can also record your screen and share it with friends. A simple press of the Fn and F10 keys indicates the FPS of the game you are playing. Also, pressing the Fn and F11 keys turns your gameplay into a video file.

An image showing 3D gameplay on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey device with game information
An image showing fps gameplay on a black Samsung Notebook Odyssey device's screen

PC Gallery

Seamlessly sync your smartphone with your Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6"), and with PC Gallery, enjoy easy access to all of your smartphone photos. It lets you auto-backup your photos and sort out them easily by date and location. You can also add tags, as well as edit your images on your PC.

An image showing a smartphone and a Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") device synced wirelessly, with the same thumbnail images on both devices’ screens shared between the devices

team PL

With the teamPL feature, share your Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") screen for quick and easy collaboration with co-workers and friends. Share with up to five other people – a perfect solution for intuitive, seamless project collaboration, especially for smaller businesses.

*The teamPL software name may vary by country.

An image showing the same Excel file open on six silver Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") devices’ screens

Simple Sharing

Share files on your Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") with your smartphone contacts. With a compatible smartphone device, Simple Sharing is fast and intuitive. Share files and entire folders using an app that works in conjunction with Windows 10’s Share feature. Transfer files of up to 2GB(up to 1GB for each file) – on both Windows and Android devices, downloadable for 48 hours.

An image illustrating how a wireless connection is operating between a smartphone and a Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") device, allowing files from the notebook to be shared to and from the phone

Wi-Fi Transfer

Use the Wi-Fi Transfer feature to share files between your notebook and other devices, including smartphones and other notebooks. Regardless of file type, you can transfer bigger files between Wi-Fi enabled devices easily, even without the need for an Internet connection.

An image showing a notebook and a smartphone linked via the Wi-Fi Transfer function.

Featuring Windows 10

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") pro features the Windows 10, for more powerful, easier-to-use operation, as well as the ultra-fast Microsoft Edge browser. A range of other useful, performance-boosting apps can also be found on the Windows Store.

An image showing a silver Samsung Notebook Odyssey(15.6") device’s screen with Windows 10 GUI on its display, and its cover open

Wi-Fi Camera

Just connect your notebook and smartphone with Wi-Fi Direct and make video calls with your phone’s Full HD camera and microphone. A Wi-Fi Camera lets you freely adjust camera angles and show more of your surroundings during video calls.

* Full HD video recording availability depends on smartphone specifications.
** Wi-Fi Camera feature only available on certain models.

An image showing a user video chatting using the Wi-Fi camera feature.



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