Touch Control – Gear IconX | Wearable Interactive Experience| Galaxy Virtual Studio

Touch control

Easy control with taps and swipes

*Image used for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Click to play sound. Below the touch control list is a "Sound on/off" button allowing you to turn the sound on or off.

  • Current track plays on click

    TAP Play
  • Next track plays on click

    next track
  • Previous track plays on click

    previous track
  • Song volume gets louder then quieter according to finger illustration swipes

    SWIPE UP/DOWN Volume
  • Playlist menu is read out on click: All tracks, workout playlist

    DOUBLE TAP & HOLD Next playlist
  • Main menu is read out on click: Start workout with pace setter, turn on ambient sound, Bixby Voice. Bixby Voice is selected and says Today will be clear with a high of 24.

    TAP & HOLD Readout menu
An animated hand moves to tap and swipe Gear Icon X and pulsating motion in the background plays to represent sound
  • All tracks
  • Workout playlist
  • Favorites
  • Start workout with pace setter
  • Turn on ambient sound
  • Bixby voice

What's the weather today?

Today will be clear with a high of 24