[CSR] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015

Jul 29. 2015

App Development Competition for Tertiary Students Using Technology to Help Children With Special Education Needs (SEN)

Over 8000 SEN children wait listing pre-school rehabilitation services more than a year.

Specialized apps will be powerful tools to help in advanced.


[CSR] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015

[CSR] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015[CSR] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015[CSR] Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015

“Boundless Love With Intelligence”

Samsung Fulfilling Social Responsibility Through Tertiary Institute Competition

Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Samsung”) always believes that innovative technology can bring positive changes to the society and build a better future. Following the great success of the last Solve for Tomorrow competition which focused on environmental issues in Hong Kong, Samsung is set to host another competition with the theme “Boundless Love With Intelligence”. Taking place in July 2015 at the City University of Hong Kong, the competition is being announced to help students with special educational needs (hereafter referred to as “SEN”). This year, the competition is specifically calling for tertiary students’ support, hoping them to bring their learning into practice, exert their creativity, contribute to and show their love for the society. The experiences gained in the process may also help their future career life.

Apps Help SEN Children to Integrate Into the Society

Heep Hong Society’s educational psychologist Ms. Alice Keung says, “There are over 8,000 SEN Children who  have been wait listing for pre-school rehabilitation services for more than a year. To seize the ‘golden period’  training, we can use specialized apps and games to spur children’s interest in training and help them improve their abilities.”

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015 has designed a platform for tertiary students to create apps for SEN Children. This includes 20 SEN training tasks designed by Heep Hong specialists that will provide contestants with a solid foundation. Samsung has teamed up with different experts to provide contestants with professional opinions, mentoring programs, SEN visit and workshops.

This year, the competition’s beneficiaries are SEN Children (focus on ADHD and dyslexia). Through the design of different apps, the competition aims to increase the SEN Children’ learning abilities and help them to integrate into the society. At the same time, the interaction with SEN Children and media coverage will be able to arouse public awareness of their needs.

Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd.’s Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Lawrence Chow said, “Samsung believes that innovative technology can help to solve social problems, helping to build a better future for the community. Hosting another Solve for Tomorrow competition will bring different forces together to create a more ideal, harmonious and loving society,” He added, “We rarely have the chance to come into contact with SEN Children—and that’s why we hope that the program will help the public to understand more of their needs. Using the contestants’ creativity and abilities, we hope to pave the way towards a better future for the SEN Children.”

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015 has invited reputable influential groups to be strategic partners, including Heep Hong Society, Hong Kong Education City Limited, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Their professional opinion will help contestants to design more effective apps for SEN students.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015 Competition Boasts Ample Prizes

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015 competition will take place from July to December 2015. There will be a Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, plus a merit prize. Winning participants will be awarded with cash and prizes, as well as the opportunity to join a study tour. Members in the 15 shortlisted teams will each be awarded a Samsung tablet. In addition, 15 completed apps will have the chance to be uploaded on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, which will be free for download. The tertiaryeducational institutes with the most applicants will receive Samsung’s product sponsorships.

Samsung hopes that Hong Kong’s tertiary students can exert their creativity, utilize their knowledge and share their love for the society; and at the same time arouse public awareness in the needs of SEN Children and make Hong Kong a better place.

Attached photos are:

Photo 1. Guests and students are taking group photo together

Photo 2. The creators of the Bravolol app sharing app-development tips with students

Photo 3. Samsung and its strategic partners are pictured in the photo. From left to right: Heep Hong Society representative Ms. Caren Wu, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund representative Mrs. Patricia Lau, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Lawrence Chow, Hong Kong Education City representative Ms. Ling Hung, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks representative Mr. Gallen Leung

Solve for Tomorrow 2015:

Introduction: Solve for Tomorrow 2015 is a competition that unleash tertiary students’ potential to leverage technology (app development) in helping SEN Children to integrate into the society.

We provide 20 SEN specialists designed training task for contestants to choose from, in order to build a solid foundation for them.


Tertiary Institution Full Time Students (include undergraduates, associate degree and higher diploma only) are eligible to participate.

Competition Schedule:

27th July  Entry deadline
5th August  15 shortlisted teams announcement
End of August / Beginning of September      Heep Hong experience tour 
End of August / Beginning of September    Miss HUnny magic workshop 
12th September  App's operating flow submission & 1st Presentation 
25th October   Finalized apps submission 
2nd November  Finalist 8 teams announcement 
15th November  Final presentation 
23rd November  Winning teams announcement
2nd - 8th December   Apps exhibition 
6th December  Award ceremony
27th - 30th December  Study tour (Event date to be confirmed)

For more information on the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2015, including competition guidelines, regulations and prizes, please visit: https://goo.gl/8ac63R

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