Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2018 Successfully Concludes With Over 30 Winning Teams Creating Innovative Solutions for Special Education Needs Students in Hong Kong

Jan 27. 2019

With the theme “Imaginations that Connect the World”, Hong Kong students were encouraged to develop different tools to address the needs of SEN students and their families and carers, and improve social inclusion in Hong Kong


HONG KONG (January 27, 2019) – The world’s leading technology company, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd, today announced the 30 winning teams for the annual “Solve for Tomorrow - Imaginations that Connect the World” competition. With Samsung’s full support, 1,500 students representing more than 320 primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions participated in the competition which spanned over seven months. The winning teams received cash prizes and products with a combined value exceeding HK$460,000.


“Solve for Tomorrow is a community initiative that underscores Samsung’s commitment to developing new technologies and innovative solutions for a brighter future for all in the spirit of ‘Do What You Can’t’- to make the impossible possible by encouraging students to apply their knowledge of STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and achieve the STREAM4CARE philosophy to give back to society,” said Yiyin Zhao, Managing Director at Samsung Electronics Hong Kong. “As we can see, the number of SEN students has increased by 1.6 times when compared to a decade ago, and we’ve chosen SEN as a challenge to tackle because of this growing issue in Hong Kong. Through innovative solutions, we hope to address the needs not just of SEN students, but also their parents, teachers and classmates, with the aim of building a more inclusive society together.”


“We’re delighted to witness the participating teams’ enormous efforts including those from consulting professionals and their SEN peers to reflect their understanding of design. We also see participants from primary schools leverage their creative thinking to develop tools that integrate AI technology in the classroom. I’m touched by the enthusiasm shown by the city’s youth to solve social problems, as well as their increased understanding of the needs of SEN students,” added Zhao.


Record level of participation; Hong Kong University and Pak Kau College win their championships

The Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2018 academic competition was fiercely competitive, with the final 30 winning teams being selected after careful consideration.


The University of Hong Kong won the championship in the Tertiary sector with their application "Future Warriors”. "Future Warriors" is a series of two mini-games which help SEN students learn Chinese characters more easily. Through card battle games designed for SEN students, the Chinese characters are visualized to improve the students’ ability to memorise new words. In addition, coding the game not only allowed team members to learn programming skills, it also encouraged students to work as a team to achieve goals and promote communication between SEN students and their classmates. 


In the Secondary sector, Pak Kau College was named champion for their tool “Chinese Character Card Game AR”. Utilizing 3D-printing technology to produce Chinese character blocks, SEN students can learn Chinese through touch and feel. The physical cards help students learn the meaning of different Chinese characters, while the AR technology enables virtual learning cards on

a smartphone, allowing students to learn Chinese anytime and anywhere. The Chinese character blocks can also transform into a board game which is suitable for multiple players.


“As a leading technology company dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the market and a better future for all people, Samsung continues to contribute back to society,” said Yiyin Zhao. “In 2013, we introduced the Solve for Tomorrow competition to Hong Kong, and over the past few years, the competition has inspired creativity as well as a passion for new technologies in tens of thousands of young people, who have in turn developed innovative solutions that address a number of social issues in Hong Kong. This year, we hope to once again assemble Hong Kong’s academia and create new opportunities for the growing number of SEN students who face hardship in their daily lives.”


Samsung is committed to donating to SEN student support organizations

To further support SEN students and their important carers, Samsung has donated cash and products with a combined value of more than HK$330,000 to support the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the Hong Kong Association for AD/HD Limited which provide support services to SEN students. 


“Congratulations to all of the winners! The end of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2018 marks the beginning of STREAM intelligence. We are eager to see how these creatives ideas will inspire people to develop more practical solutions to help SEN students in the future,” added Yiyin Zhao.


Winning list (For more solution details, please refer to appendix):


Tertiary sector


 - The University of Hong Kong - Future Warriors

1st Runner up

 - The University of Hong Kong - Kammy’s Board

2nd Runner up

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - “You say I click, I say You guess”

Creative Idea Awards

 - The University of Hong Kong – Future Warriors


(6 teams)

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - Junior Engineer

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - Emotion Connected

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - A book to learn social skills

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - Monopoly for emotions

 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education - Magic dice to learn about social skills

 - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Soft Keyboard

Secondary sector


 - Pak Kau College – Chinese Character Card Game AR

1st Runner up

 - Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College - AR toy and mobile APP - to identify pre-school students with Dyslexia

2nd Runner up

 - St. Paul’s Convent School (Secondary Section) - Famotion

Creative Idea Awards

 - Diocesan Girls' School – Everyday MusiCare


(6 teams)

 - Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College – U Watch

 - St. Paul’s Convent School (Secondary Section) - Mind-Fo

 - VTC Youth College (Tin Shui Wai) – Interactive game for Autism students

 - Immaculate Heart of Mary College – Big Challenge for Chinese Characters

 - S.K.H St. Benedict's School – A special chair to help you stay focused

 - Cheung Chuk Shan College – Family Farm

Primary sector

(Creative Idea Awards for 10 teams)

 - PLK Dr Jimmy Wong Chi Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School – OLED Desk

 - HKTA YYI Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial School – I can do it Handbook

 - St. Paul's College Primary School – Learning Chinese in a fun way

 - Sham Tseng Catholic Primary School – Alliance for reading and writing

 - Tai Po Methodist School – Smart Chair

 - Buddhist Chung Wah Kornhill Primary School – Companion for good mood

 - Ying Wa Primary School – Happy seat cushion

 - Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School – ADHD learning desk and chair set

 - Sham Tseng Catholic Primary School – Smart Tips and Guide of Reading and Writing for SEN students

 - Free Methodist Mei Lam Primary School – A.I. SEN Caretaking System


About Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an annual competition that brings together the creativity and passion for new technologies of young people around the world, to solve social problems in local communities. In 2013, Samsung introduced this meaningful event to Hong Kong and inspired tens of thousands of students to come up with innovative solutions that address social issues in Hong Kong. For the 2018 edition, Samsung is promoting the new educational philosophy of “STREAM4CARE”. Besides encouraging Hong Kong students to increase their knowledge of STREAM – Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – Samsung hopes that they can develop empathy and sense of responsibility and apply their STREAM knowledge to contribute to the society. Through the competition, Samsung hopes to cultivate thought leaders of tomorrow, equipping them with both technological knowledge and the sense of responsibility of a global citizen. To learn more about Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, please visit:


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