Samsung Announces Expanded TV Lineups and Gaming Monitors at CES 2020 to Lead the Market

Jan 10. 2020

New TVs target both home cinema and connected lifestyle needs with

upgraded picture quality, sound, and smart features


Hong Kong – January 10, 2020 – Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest lineup of QLED 8K, Lifestyle TVs, MicroLED and gaming monitors at CES 2020. With the introduction of new sizes, 8K AI upscaling capabilities, innovative display orientation technology, and new line-up of groundbreaking curved gaming monitors, Samsung showcased how its 2020 lineups redefine immersion and revolutionize home integration. 

“Consumers use screens every day to work from home, exercise from home, and even shop from home. As our lifestyles continue to evolve, the TV screen is evolving with them to provide consumers access to their favorite content and real-time information whenever and wherever they want it,” said Jong-hee Han, President of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics. “As part of our vision of ‘Screens Everywhere,’ we’re thrilled to deliver a more vivid and connected at-home viewing experience by incorporating AI-enabled features and 8K technology into our displays.”

8K QLED lineup expands with strengthened AI Quantum Processor 8K and design

Samsung’s flagship Q950TS QLED 8K TV is the industry’s first 8K TV to combine a striking, ultra-thin form factor, premium 8K picture quality, and impressive surround-sound audio. 

Samsung Q950TS introduces the Infinity Screen*, which produces a screen-to-body ratio of 99 percent with 15mm untra-thin sleek design to create an unprecedented viewing experience. Plus stunning 8K resolution, the Q950TS delivers the best QLED picture quality on the market. Equipped with the AI Quantum Processor 8K, it has built-in 8K AI upscaling and deep-learning capabilities that can automatically upscale non-8K content to pristine and true-to-life 8K resolution. With a feature called Adaptive Picture, it can also optimize the screen to both ambient conditions and individual images. And the AI Quantum Processor – the powerhouse behind the flagship display – is also helping to power Samsung’s open smart home platform, Tizen, enabling users to experience everything from enhanced picture quality to heightened usability to other connected home functions. 

Further supporting the picture quality and design enhancements of the QLED 8K lineup, the 8K ecosystem continues to expand to provide seamless playback for 8K content from providers like YouTube. Samsung QLED 8K lineup meets the requirements of the 8K Association’s Certified Test Specifications and CTA 8K Ultra HD Display Definition, plus the adoption of AV1 codec allows for better compression rates, and enables the support of HDR10+ technology, image dimensionality, brightness optimization, and contrast ratio. 

And building off of the picture quality amplification are the QLED 8K’s premium sound features – Q-Symphony, Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), and Active Voice Amplifier#. These features maximize immersive sound by delivering dimensional and dynamic audio that corresponds with large screen viewing experiences. And when paired with the 2020 Q series soundbar, the TV’s speakers sync with the soundbar to serve as an additional audio channel and create a more dynamic soundscape.  


Lifestyle TV “The Sero” expands display possibilities across the global market

Samsung is also growing its portfolio of Lifestyle TVs with an expanded rollout of The Sero. The Sero, which means “vertical” in Korean, has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations – just like a smartphone or tablet. Following its initial rollout in South Korea last year, Samsung is set to expand The Sero’s availability to Hong Kong in 2020 . 

The Sero’s display orientation technology connects seamlessly with users’ mobile devices to smoothly and naturally display content in traditional horizontal formats, as well as vertical formats designed for mobile consumption. Consumers can expect to enjoy a variety of content – including social media, YouTube and other personal videos – in whatever display orientation mirrors their mobile device^. 

Geared toward millennial and Gen Z consumers, The Sero features a modern design that stands out in any space, and features a range of different display features for when it is not in use. A CTA “Best of Innovation” winner at CES, The Sero combines the cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s top-level displays while providing a new approach to home entertainment technology that meets the needs and habits of the growing mobile viewing audience.


MicroLED pioneering the home entertainment market

Samsung introduced the home-ready, modular MicroLED, which combines next-generation screen  technology with customization capabilities. Consumers are now able to personally experience how Samsung’s design and innovation engineering teams have reimagined the TV. 

With 75 -,88-, 93- and 110-inch display sizes, MicroLED models are suited for a variety of homes and lifestyles. The new 88- and 150-inch MicroLED models introduce ultra-slim infinity designs, virtually removing all four sides of the bezels for a finish that blends right into any wall. And consumers can also connect multiple MicroLED panels together to create new combinations and adapt their TV for their specific space. 

MicroLED displays offer best-in-class picture quality. They deliver greater depth, better resolution, and higher clarity as well as a peak brightness of 5,000 nits. They also leverage AI upscaling abilities based on deep learning to deliver the highest-quality content, regardless of the source. The result is that these MicroLED displays provide an unparalleled sense of immersion for the at-home viewing experience.


Curved Odyssey gaming monitor are more immersive than ever

Samsung introduced Odyssey – a new eSports gaming monitor series. Adhering to the professional eSports heritage, Quantum dot technology creates this world’s first high performance 1000R curved eSports display. Equipped with RapidCurve™ technology, the screen update rate is 240Hz, which will support G-sync compatibility+, its display technology brings users a unique gaming experience:

- 49” G9 – The Most Immersive Gaming Experience: G9 series is the world’s first 1000R curvature (DQHD; 5120x1440 resolution) gaming monitor. Screen refresh rate at 240Hz, plus 1ms response time, eliminates lag time and creates ultra-smooth screen transitions. The G9 monitor features Quantum dot technology, produces a peak brightness of 1000 cd/m2, combined with a HDR1000 VA panel to produce lifelike colors in vivid detail. The G9 has a striking new design with a glossy white exterior and a futuristic infinity core lighting glowing rear core, which includes 52 colors and five lighting effect options. The design and lighting effects stand out from the competition and complement any gaming setup. 

- 32” and 27” G7 – A Whole New Gaming Experience: Gamers will appreciate that the G7 series has the same quick response time and refresh rate, deep curved display, and overall performance of the G9, in 32” and 27” models. The G7’s Quad-High Definition (QHD; 2560x1440 resolution), 16:9 aspect ratio and HDR600 VA panel are complemented by a 600 cd/m2 peak brightness. Additionally, the G7’s QLED screen with Quantum dot technology provides an exceptionally wide range of accurate color reproductions that stay crisp and clear even in bright light. The G7 has been completely redesigned with a sleek, matte black exterior and color-changing rear core lighting that can remain static or dim during gameplay, as well as change colors based on gamers’ preferences. In addition, the G7 has added dynamic shapes and lighting to the monitor`s front bezel.


* Infinity Screen is a TV with virtually bezel-less screen and high screen-to-body ratio, delivers an incredibly immersive viewing experience

# Q-Symphony is compatible with QLED Q80T,Q95T, Q800T and Q950T series; Object Tracking Sound + (OTS +) is compatible with QLED 8K Q800T and Q950T series; Active Voice Amplifier is compatible with QLED Q70T, Q80T,Q95T, Q800T and Q950T series。

^ Mobile device that supports display orientation

+ As of January 3, 2020, G-SYNC Compatibility validation for G9 and G7 gaming monitors are currently in progress. Further details will be announced.


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