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Samsung Unveils New Lifestyle TV Series for Modern Homes

Apr 15. 2021

Lifestyle TV series that elevates the artistic style of every room


All-new immersive HW-S60A Soundbar available now

Hong KongApril 15, 2021Samsung Electronics H.K. Company, Limited is challenging the concept of traditional TVs and reinventing the possibility of screens in our living space through its grand launch of the latest LifestyleTV series. Users can now transform home interior designs and exhibit their personality with Samsung’s new Lifestyle TV series: The Frame, The Serif, and The Sero, which comes with a wide range of personalization options. Also new to the market is Samsung’s Lifestyle series Soundbar HW-S60A, which delivers a dynamic and rich sound effect with broad sound coverage. Its minimal and elegant appearance makes it perfect for all home settings.

“The innovative designs of the latest Samsung Lifestyle TV collection continues to break away from the deep-rooted concept of a traditional TVs, impeccably blending screens into all home designs to create an extraordinary home entertainment experience,” said Ellen Fu, Vice President, Consumer Electronics & Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics H.K. Company, Limited. “These products are designed to bring out an individual’s taste and can easily become fashionable space furnishings, making them indispensable elements of every modern home. Samsung is also tirelessly improving our soundbar and adding to its forms with the aim to fill every corner of the house with the richest and most dynamic sounds.”

The Frame 2021 - TV that reflects style

Since its launch in 2017, The Frame has sold more than 1 million units. Consumers can look to the newly launched The Frame 2021 for even more excitement brought by its excellent performance and flawless design, where the TV is transformed into a work of art that can be personalized to fit user’s aesthetic and decor. Stylish and artistic, The Frame can be instantly transformed into an amazing artwork through a simple conversion of display modes. When placed in a luxurious set, The Frame appears as an elegant easel that accentuates the household’s grandeur; if placed in a modern and simplistic home, it naturally becomes the spotlight of the living room.

When turned on, The Frame 2021 is a high-quality TV that displays 4K ultra-high-definition resolution pictures. When switched to Art Mode, it emerges as a beautiful work of art. With the increment of built-in storage space of The Frame 2021, users can fully utilize the 6GB storage to display family or wedding photos by sending them to the TV with the use of smart devices. The newly added 32-inch model can be installed vertically, perfectly blending into all spaces as a chic artwork, whether it is a dining room or a side room.

In addition to providing a more personalized experience, the Frame 2021 is further refined in design with a slimmer body. Being 46% thinner than its previous generation, the Frame 2021 is just as thick as a traditional photo frame. Its magnetic frame is available in two different styles: modern and bevel. The former is available in teak, pure white, light wood and walnut, while the latter is available in white and brick red. Users can freely adjust the border color to cater to different living spaces, personal tastes and works of art. The Frame 2021 is also equipped with an adjustable table stand, making it convenient for users to rearrange under different home environments to fit all indoor settings.

Users just have to subscribe to the Art Store to start curating their own personal art collection with a library of over 1,400 pieces of art from world-renowned institutions, transforming the space into a personalized gallery. It also includes AI-based auto-curation technology that recommends artwork based on user’s selections.

The Serif - TV with flawless 360° design

Conceptualized by award-winning designers the Bouroullec Brothers, The Serif is a beautiful TV with a signature ‘I’ profile. It looks stunning from any angle and fits beautifully anywhere in a home. Equipped with a detachable floor stand, The Serif can be easily moved and placed to match home furnishings. When the stand is removed, users can choose to place The Serif directly on a cabinet or desk. Its clean design allows the TV to fit especially well in Nordic style homes, making it the most eye-catching piece in a space. The Serif works well in a girlish room too - matching the built-in Ambient Mode with pink furniture adds to the cuteness of the room.

Adding to its stunning appearance is its outstanding features. The Serif’s panel is equipped with Quantum Dot technology, enabling the delivery of excellent picture quality in both bright and dark scenes. HDR 10+ allows every picture detail to be presented miraculously so users can view with vivid colors and extra clarity. Users can also place their mobile phones on top of the TV to make connection through Near-Field Communication (NFC) and play music or videos on The Serif. Life has never been more fun and convenient.

The Sero - TV that disrupts

The Sero means “vertical" in Korean. As the name suggests, the TV can be freely rotated between landscape and portrait orientations. It does not only have functions of a traditional TV, but is also particularly suitable for displaying mobile content. The Sero's powerful screen rotation technology allows it to connect seamlessly with the user's mobile device. This feature enables it to smoothly and naturally show content in both the traditionally-horizontal and vertical formats, making it the ideal display to fully enjoy mobile content – including social media, YouTube, and other personal videos. The Sero can also be equipped with The Sero Wheel (sold separately), to enhance viewer experience at home, whether exercising with virtual trainers in the living room or viewing player stats while watching basketball matches.

Embodying Samsung’s advanced display technology, The Sero is powered by a 43-inch QLED Quantum Dot technology screen and a 4.1-channel speaker in the bracket. The Sero addresses the ever-changing needs and habits of mobile users by offering a brand new way to view content, users can find themselves fully immersed in the entertainment world enjoying content smoothly in different formats.

Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar - Great for simple homes

Adorned with premium fabric, the brand-new Lifestyle Soundbar series HW-S60A has a slender and elegant design that fits any households. Users can use it to enhance the sound of the TV or to simply listen to music. With two built-in woofers and five tweeters, Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar accurately replicates every detail from the audio track. The Acoustic Beam technology helps accurately position the output sound in the direction that mimics the action displayed on the screen, making it perfect for movies and gaming. Users can also connect the HW-S60A Soundbar to music platforms such as Spotify via Wi-Fi to stream a library of high-quality audio and appreciate the music from anywhere in the house.

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