Mixed Reality with HMD Odyssey

Valid from Dec 22. 2017 to Jan 31. 2018 Expired
Mixed Reality with HMD Odyssey
From December 22. 2017 to January 31. 2018, buy a designated Notebook Odyssey together with a HMD Odyssey to enjoy a special discount. Put on the HMD Odyssey to start an unprecedented experience in Mixed Reality.

Enjoy a discount up to HKD 1,000 when buying a designated Notebook Odyssey^ and HMD Odyssey at the same time from designated merchants*.

Notebook Odyssey

  • Unparalleled Performance Comparable to a Desktop PC.
    Realistic game worlds created by Intel 45W Quad-core CPU and NVIDIA full performance graphics with built-in GDDR5.
  • Efficient Cooling. In Style.
    Cooling panel inspired by dragon scales. Cools down the dragon’s fiery heart to maintain peak performance in battle.
Product Details

HMD Odyssey

  • Mixed Reality. Illusive Yet Realistic.
    Dual AMOLED display with 105% color reproduction and 110° wide viewing angle. Blind spot is nothing.
  • AKG Tuned Headphones.
    Professionally tuned headphones and 360° surround sound. By gunshots or footsteps, hear the enemy coming.
  • Built-in Array Microphone.
    Crystal clear sound after DSP enhancement and noise reduction. Perfect for discussing tactics with your brothers-in-arms.
Product Details

^ Designated Models of Notebook Odyssey

Purchase the following model with GTX1060 to enjoy a HKD 1,000 discount

Purchase one of the following models with GTX1050 to enjoy a HKD 500 discount
NP800G5M-U02HK, NP800G5M-X01HK, NP800G5M-X02HK, NP800G5M-X03HK, NP800G5M-X04HK, NP800G5M-X05HK, NP800G5M-X06HK, NP800G5M-X07HK, NP800G5M-X08HK

* Designated Merchants

Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion Period: December 22. 2017 to January 31. 2018.
  2. The offer is only applicable to purchases from designated authorized resellers in Hong Kong and Macau.
  3. Images are for reference only.
  4. The offer is subject to relevant terms and conditions. It is also subject to changes without prior notice. Please ask in-store staff for details.
  5. In case of any disputes, decisions of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Co., Ltd. shall be final.
  6. Health & Safety Warning
    Read and follow all setup and operating instructions provided with the HMD Odyssey:
    The HMD Odyssey should not be used by children under the age of 13, as young children are in a critical period in visual development.
    The HMD Odyssey produces an immersive virtual reality experience that distracts you from and completely blocks your view of your actual surroundings. To reduce the risk of injury or discomfort you should always follow these instructions and observe these precautions while using the HMD Odyssey:
    - Always be aware of your surrounding before beginning use and while using the HMD Odyssey.
    - Use of the HMD Odyssey may cause loss of balance. Remain seated when using the HMD Odyssey.
    - Take at least a 10 to 15 minute break every 30 minutes, even if you don’t think you need it.
    - Immediately discontinue use if you experience any discomfort or adverse health reactions.
    We recommend you not using or seeing a doctor before using the HMD Odyssey if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.