Now TV 4K Soccer Offers

Live coverage of 64 matches of 2018 World Cup
Valid from Apr 26. 2018 to Jun 21. 2018 Expired
Buy a Samsung 2018 Smart TV and enjoy Now TV 2018 4K Soccer offers for free.
Watch every 2018 World Cup games live in 4K Ultra HD with an exclusive pass.
Watch as you want, whenever, wherever!
Redemption Details
Designated TV models:
  • 75" Q9F (QA75Q9FNAJXZK)
  • 65" Q8C (QA65Q8CNAJXZK)
  • 55" Q8C (QA55Q8CNAJXZK)
  • 65" Q7F (QA65Q7FNAJXZK)
  • 55" Q7F (QA55Q7FNAJXZK)
  • 82" NU8000 (UA82NU8000JXZK)
  • 65" NU8000 (UA65NU8000JXZK)
  • 55" NU8000 (UA55NU8000JXZK)*
  • 49" NU8000 (UA49NU8000JXZK)*
  • 65" NU7300 (UA65NU7300JXZK)
  • 75" NU7100 (UA75NU7100JXZK)
  • 65" NU7100 (UA65NU7100JXZK)

* Promotion Period: May 11.2018 to Jun 21.2018
Promotion Period: Apr 23.2018 to Jun 21.2018 Registration Period: Apr 26.2018 to Jun 29.2018 2018 World Cup Period: Jun 14.2018 to Jul 15.2018
How to redeem the
NOW TV 4K Soccer offers
Buy a TV of designated models from designated dealers
Call the Now TV hotline on the spot to inquire about the network coverage of the installation address
Get the redemption letter from the technician when installing your new TV
Provide necessary information to Now TV as per the instructions on the redemption letter for the arrangement of installation
On-site installation of Now TV

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Promotion Period: 26 April 2018 to 21 Jun 2018.
  2. Promotion starts from 26 April to 21 Jun 2018:
    75" Q9F (QA75Q9FNAJXZK), 65" Q8C (QA65Q8CNAJXZK), 55" Q8C (QA55Q8CNAJXZK), 65" Q7F (QA65Q7FNAJXZK), 55" Q7F (QA55Q7FNAJXZK), 82" NU8000 (UA82NU8000JXZK), 65" NU8000 (UA65NU8000JXZK), 65" NU7300 (UA65NU7300JXZK), 75" NU7100 (UA75NU7100JXZK), 65" NU7100 (UA65NU7100JXZK)
  3. Promotion starts from 11 May to 21 Jun 2018:
    55" NU8000 (UA55NU8000JXZK)*, 49" NU8000 (UA49NU8000JXZK)*
  4. Offer is only applicable to the purchase of specified Samsung TV model during the promotion period (based on the invoice date).
  5. Offer is only applicable to customers who complete TV installation by 29 June 2018.
  6. Offer is only applicable to the dealer products sold by designated authorized dealers in Hong Kong. The <Now TV 4K Football Promotion Redemption Letter> will be distributed to customer through designated dealers. Customers need to send the completed application slip via whatsapp to 5322 5133 together with a valid invoice for the TV within the redemption period stated on the letter in order to enjoy this offer.
  7. Each customer can only enjoy this offer once. Each redemption letter can only be used to redeem this offer once. Redemption letter will not be replaced if it is lost or damaged. The offer will be forfeited if customer fails to register by 29 June 2018.
  8. <Now TV 4K Football Promotion> includes: 1) 2018 World Cup 4K Event Pass; 2) Free trial of Asian Entertainment Pack for 6 months; and 3) Free trial of Now One 4K UHD All-in-One Set Top Box for 6 months.
  9. The 2018 World Cup matches will be played from 14 June to 15 July, 2018. On demand services will be available until 31 July, 2018. Any change in broadcasting date and time of the event is subject to Now TV announcement from time to time.
  10. For viewing World Cup in 4K, customers must have 2018 World Cup 4K Event Pass, Now One 4K UHD All-In-One Set Top Box, audio equipment and TV which can deliver 4K UHD picture quality and Now TV installation address has HKT fiber network coverage and where the Now TV services can be connected to such fiber network.
  11. Now TV will install Now One 4K UHD All-in-One Set Top Box for new customer and existing customer who have not yet installed the set top box. The installation fee will be waived. The difference between installation service fee and the waiver is payable by customer if the installation service fee exceeds HK$980. For existing Now TV customer, terms and conditions of existing Now TV contract will remain unchanged.
  12. The 2018 World Cup 4K Event Pass, the 6-month Asian Entertainment Pack and Now One 4K UHD All-in-One Set Top Box Offer do not apply to existing Now TV customers who have already subscribed to the above services. Existing Now TV customers who have not subscribed to the above services, they can redeem all the promotional offers stated in <Now TV 4K Football Promotion>.
  13. Now TV will replace the 2018 World Cup 4K Event Pass with "Now 2018 Football Promotion" (TV Version Application) Pass for any reason (including but not limited to customer’s personal reasons, installation difficulty in your building/premises, problems of network/resources or other issues) resulting in failure to complete the Now TV installation under HKT fiber network coverage by deadline. "Now 2018 Football Promotion" (TV Version Application) Pass allows you to view 64 matches of 2018 World Cup and replays of all matches via Now Soccer App (TV Version) that has been pre-installed on designated model of Samsung TV. The activation code of "Now 2018 Football Promotion" (TV Version Application) Pass will be sent via SMS to the registered phone number in 3-5 business days. Upon receiving the activation code, please login in to Smart Hub and select “Now Soccer App”. Please register according to the relevant procedures. For details and terms and conditions, please refer to:
  14. The Now One 4K UHD All-in-One Set Top Box is only available to Now TV customers and designated Now TV applications. Now TV and 4K content (excluding free 4K content provided by Now TV) are only available to customers who have subscribed to the relevant channel or channel pack. Recording function is only applicable to the customers who have subscribed TV Recording Service and have purchased specified model of hard disk drive. For details, please contact the staff or visit the website。
  15. The line-up of channels, programs, content and/or on-demand services may be subject to change at any time.
  16. Service will be automatically terminated after 6 months from the order completion date. Customer must return all relevant equipment to PCCW Media Limited immediately; failing which the costs of the equipment will be charged to the customer.
  17. The Now TV service is provided by PCCW Media Limited. Now TV service is only available in designated residential areas.
  18. Now | One and Now TV are registered trademarks of PCCW.
  19. In case of any dispute over this promotion, PCCW Media Limited and Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Limited reserve the right of final decision.
  20. Offer is only applicable to end-users and purchases for personal use. Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to cancel and change the relevant offers.
  21. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash, and is limited while stock lasts.
  22. The above picture is for reference only.
  23. All other company and product names may be trademarks owned by the respective companies.
  24. The promotion is subject to terms and conditions which may be changed without notice.