Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer delivery of this email and provision of related information to Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Co., Ltd (“Samsung Electronics”) will be deemed to mean that the customers have read through and agreed to the related terms and conditions and understand that Club S help them carry out membership and product registration through info.sehk@samsung.com. For the terms and conditions of the related application, please browse www.samsung.com/hk/clubs/and read ClubS announcements, membership policies and FAQ.

  2. Customers offer consent to "Samsung Electronics" to use the data provided by them, including surname, last name, date of birth, emial address, contact number, gender (male/female), preferred language (traditional Chinese/English), full image of sales receipt, full image of product serial number, for ClubS membership and product registration.

  3. Eligible customers who accept "membership and product registration programs" will receive an e-confirmation letter in 6-10 working days notifying them that their membership and product registration are completed. Eligible customers who only accept "product registration program" will receive an e-confirmation letter in 3-5 working days notifying them that their product registration is completed.

  4. Above-mentioned information will only be used for ClubS and product registration. "Samsung Electronics" will disclose the personal information to Cheil Pengtai ("Cheil Pengtai") for the purposes of helping customers register for ClubS membership and/or carry out product registration. "Samsung Electronics" will not provide your personal information to any third parties without your consent for sales and marketing uses. In addition, "Samsung Electronics" and "Cheil Pengtai" will abide by Samsung's privacy policy and not sell or disclose, by any method, members information and personal information of visitors to this website. Regarding "Samsung Electronics" privacy policy, plese refer to https://www.samsung.com/hk_en/info/privacy.html. Members who accept "membershi registration program" and are successfully registered as ClubS members will be offered a ten-digit password on their first login to ClubS page to view information and personal and/or product information.

    • First part – Two-digit of the birth month and last three-digit of the birth year
    • Second part - Abbreviated forms of gender in English (M/F)
    • Third part - Last four-digit of registered contact number
    • Password example:
    • Date of birth: 17 / 06 / 1985
    • Gender: M
    • Contact number: 9999 5432
    • Your first login password will be: 06 985 M 5432

    Due to security reasons, we will request you to change your password following your first login to check your e-receipt/e-notification letter. If you have any inquiries on Club S information management, please visit ClubS page www.samsung.com/hk/clubs/ for its statement, membership policy, and FAQ or call (852) 3698 4698.