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How can I find out that I have successfully registered to enter the competition?
A confirmation email will be sent out after we have received the application forms.
Can a participating team be comprised of students from different grades (e.g. two F.4 students and one F.2 student)?
Yes. Students from different grades can form a team to participate in the competition.
Can a participating team be comprised of students from different colleges or universities (e.g. two students from City University of Hong Kong and one student from The University of Hong Kong)?
No. Participating teams must be comprised of students from the same school, college or university.
Can the same student participate in two teams?
Can a participating team submit both an Android application and a Prototype to reflect the team’s design?
Yes, but the Android application and Prototype must reflect the same design instead of two different designs.
Can the participants upload the presentation video to Dropbox or Google Drive, or submit the video by USB flash drive?
Participants may upload their presentation videos to any online platforms, but the video must be set as “private”. Submission of the video by USB flash drive is not accepted.
Apart from Cantonese, can the participating team use English or Mandarin as well in the presentation video?
What language should be used in the PowerPoint proposal?
PowerPoint proposals in Chinese or English are both accepted
Can overseas students participate in the competition?
Only students at local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities are eligible to enter the competition.
Will the organizer provide any support to participating schools?
A seminar on mental health as well as several consultation workshops will be held for teachers and students in September and October 2019, before the deadline for entry submission. Tutors will advise participating teams on their preliminary design concepts at the consultation workshops. Please refer to the announcements on our website for more details and registration methods.

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