New Generation QLED
Exclusive entertainment experience
Valid from Apr 24. 2020 to Jun 30. 2020

The new Samsung QLED with 100% color volume delivers a new era of super resolution multi-level immersive viewing.

Buy any designated TV model and get exclusive entertainment offers so you and your family can immerse yourselves in a stunning audio-visual experience.

Apple TV App
Samsung TV with the new
Apple TV App and Airplay2

You can buy, rent and enjoy the latest movies on Samsung TV as well as subscribe to the new Apple TV channel via the Apple TV App from today.

Built-in AirPlay2 lets you play content on the big screen from your Apple device via streaming or sharing.

Powerful Bass
Sound Bar HW-Q80R or HW-T450
Powerful bass, slim design and a Soundbar auto-optimized for super effects. Wireless connection with Samsung TV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a more crisp and stunning sound experience.
Sound Bar HW-Q80R
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Interactive audio & video
entertainment combo
Enjoy an array of high-quality entertainment, music, travel, food and other real-time information so you can instantly grasp the latest news from around the world.
i-CABLE News 1 year free subscription 6 months free subscription
HMVOD 1st Month free subscription and 500 points

Free 2.1Ch. Wireless powerful bass Sound Bar HW-T450

Applicable models (Effective date from 19 Jun to 30 Jun 2020)

  • UA55TU8500JXZK
  • UA65TU8000JXZK
  • UA65RU7100JXZK

Free 5.1.2Ch. powerful bass Sound Bar HW-Q80R

Applicable models (Effective date from 1 Jun to 30 Jun 2020)

  • QA98Q900RBJXZK
  • QA82Q900RBJXZK
  • QA75Q900RBJXZK

Supermarket cash coupon

Applicable models

  • UA55TU8500JXZK
  • UA50TU8500JXZK
  • UA65TU8000JXZK
  • UA55TU8000JXZK
  • UA55TU7000JXZK
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***hmvod - Anywhere, Anytime, Deliver On-Demand***


hmvod offers monthly subscription plan for the end users to enjoy nearly 10,000 program hours of online entertainment.

How to redeem

Step 1: Customer is required to regiser on the HMVOD website as a new user.

Step 2: Upon entering your profile you will receive an sms confirmation of your application

Step 3: In My Account, select [Redeem] and enter the redemption code to redeem a 3-month trial service

Step 4: Turn on the Smart TV, press the hmvod app, enter your user account login and password to use

Now 足球

Now Soccer TV App 2019/20 Premier League and LaLiga Season Pass^ (Include 4K Premier League live matches*)

SAMSUNG Exclusively Present^: Now Soccer (TV App) 2019/20 Premier League and LaLiga Offer Buy any designated Samsung TV models and get the Now Soccer(TV App) – 2019/20 Premier League and LaLiga Season Pass for free to watch the Premier League and LaLiga live matches and selected catch-up matches as well as selected 4K Premier League live matches#.

More Details:

How to redeem

Step 1: Upon purchase of designated TV model, customers are required to complete online registration to redeem the respective APP offer. Please refer to offer activation code in the redemption email.

Step 2: Switch on your Samsung 2019 Smart TV, login to App Store and select Now Soccer(TV App).
(TV App will be available on early August)

Step 3: Input offer activation code and your mobile phone number. Your use of the code and Now Soccer (TV App) is subject to the related terms and conditions.

Step 4: Enjoy Now Soccer (TV App) - 2019/20 Premier League and LaLiga Seasonal Pass to watch Premier League and LaLiga soccer matches on TV for free.

i-CABLE News is the first HDR live news OTT App in Hong Kong, which provides 24-hour news and finance information.


i-CABLE News has been a reliable source providing news and finance information for Hong Kong audience. i-CABLE News OTT App provides 24-hour live news and finance channels with video-on-demand content in the latest HDR format. More quality content and information will be introduced.



OLEGOK is Hong Kong's first and only legal mobile karaoke platform. It offers over 10,000 karaoke movies in stereo with content supported by local and international record companies. The song library offers the latest pop songs, local classics and Cantonese opera

  • Hong Kong's first smart TV karaoke service
  • 480p & HD 720p standard quality
  • Covers most Hong Kong music labels

Applicable models

  • QA82Q900RBJXZK
  • QA75Q900RBJXZK
  • QA65Q900RBJXZK
  • UA75RU7100JXZK
  • UA65RU7100JXZK
  • UA55RU7400JXZK
  • UA55RU7100JXZK
  • UA50RU7400JXZK
  • UA49RU7100JXZK
  • UA49RU7080JXZK
  • UA43RU7400JXZK
  • UA43RU7100JXZK
  • UA43RU7080JXZK

How to redeem

Step 1: Customer is required to register on the web page as a new user.

Step 2: After registration is completed, select [Enter Coupon Code] and enter the coupon code sent to you to redeem the 3-month trial service for AAABBB.

Step 3: Turn on the Smart TV and press the OLEGOK app

Step 4: Enter your user account login and password to use
(After successful redemption, ordinary members of the phone app will be upgraded to VIP members)



Transcending boundaries to enter the Theatre World!! OpenSky establishes THEATRE+ – the FIRST and UNIQUE video platform of Theatre Play in Hong Kong, for local and global audience to enjoy superior live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) services. Theatre fans could find the latest and most comprehensive drama information on 8 key topics including drama recommendation, local and global drama news, drama watching guide, drama celebrity collection, in-depth theatre introduction, drama jargon, etc. Even drama newbies could discover the beauty and secrets of theatre play.

How to redeem

Step 1: Visit to download OpenSky App. Open the mobile app, go to “My Profile” and select “Login”.

Step 2: Go to “My account” and select “Redemption code”. Enter e.g. “SKY-738472” and select “Redeem” to exchange for FREE 6 months Skymate subscription plan.

Step 3: After account registration and login in mobile, select “Login” to pair with registered mobile user account.

Step 4: Scan QR code on mobile app to login in Smart TV. Successfully redeemed subscription plan will be updated on Smart TV in a few minutes.

New Generation QLED Exclusive entertainment experience

Valid from Apr 24. 2020 to Jun 30. 2020 Expired