Notebook 7 Force

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Get the looks and the power

Notebook 7 Force

For those who need a powerful machine capable of crunching through demanding graphic-intensive tasks without the bulky design, the sleek Notebook 7 Force is the perfect fit.

Get the looks and the power

Latest GEFORCE® GTX 1650,
now in a laptop

Powerful graphics

Take work and play anywhere with the first GeForce® GTX 1650 laptop. Award-winning Turing™ architecture by NVIDIA gives breakthrough graphics performance and supercharges your favorite games. And with 4GB of GDDR5 RAM, it easily handles heavy video editing in Adobe Premiere and 3D design in CAD.

Latest GEFORCE® GTX 1650, now in a laptop

Slim, light and ready to go

Thin, solid metal

Notebook 7 Force is just 17.9mm thin and slim enough to slip into any bag when closed. Opened, it reveals a wide 15.6" display for an immersive experience easily carried wherever you need to go. With its premium solid metal body, you know it will be more than durable enough for the ride.

Slim, light and ready to go

Expand storage potential with NVMe SSD

Triple storage

NVMe PCIe SSDs boast up to four times faster read and write speed compared to conventional SATA3 SSDs. The hard drive stores big files, while a NVMe SSD whizzes through booting. Plus, Notebook 7 Force comes ready for upgrade with an extra slot for additional NVMe PCIe SSD storage.

* Specification may vary depending on model.
** 1st SSD slot supports SATA3 and NVMe SSD, 2nd SSD slot supports only NVMe (Does not support SATA3).
*** NVMe X4 SSD installed in the expandable SSD slot will operate at NVMe X2 speed.
Expand storage potential with NVMe SSD

Immersive Dolby Atmos 360° sound

Incredible sound

Elevate your entertainment experience with Dolby Atmos 360° sound. Discover the power of audio unrestrained by channels. This new innovation creates a complete three-dimensional space with more precise and immersive moving audio, which will make you feel like you were really in the game.

Immersive Dolby Atmos 360° sound

Blazing fast wireless connection

Gigabit Wi-Fi

Connect over the newest generation of wireless internet, gigabit Wi-Fi, giving you the full potential of your internet speed. Online multiplayer games run smoother and files download faster. It's perfect for sharing large CAD files, streaming movies and more.

Blazing fast wireless connection

All-new keyboard and wider touchpad

New Lattice keyboard

Feel greater freedom of movement with the Lattice keyboard newly designed from the ground up. Wider keys with backlight provide natural-feeling pitch for effortless typing even in the dark. The optimized touchpad gives more space for gesture commands, so you can navigate faster with fewer motions.

* Touchpad dimensions compared to previous model.
All-new keyboard and wider touchpad

Wide 15.6' Full HD with 6.7mm bezels

Ultra slim bezels

See more of what you want to see with Notebook 7 Force. The 6.7mm ultra slim bezels disappear into the background as the maximized Full HD display delivers vibrant colors and rich detail. The Notebook 7 Force display removes the distractions, letting you immerse yourself in the moment.

Wide 15.6† Full HD with 6.7mm bezels

Fingerprint sensor and
built-in security

Secure biometrics

Keep private information private with Samsung's secure access features. Together with Windows Hello, the fingerprint sensor makes logins fast and secure with a single touch. For added protection, use the Samsung Secure Folder to keep sensitive files and data protected under lock and key.

Fingerprint sensor and built-in security

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