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Never Judge This Notebook By Its Cover

Seriously Talented

Never Judge This Notebook By Its Cover

S Pen. Built-in & Always there.

Built in S Pen

The S Pen is designed to easily attach and detach to your Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, so you do not need to carry it separately. When you are not using it, insert it into its holder slot. That way, it comes everywhere with you ― always ready to help you unleash your creativity.

S Pen. Built-in & Always there.

S Pen. Battery - free. Always on

Battery-free S Pen

Do not get interrupted by low battery when you work on your Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. While other stylus pens need charging, the S Pen is battery-free, meaning your charging headaches are now history!

S Pen. Battery - free. Always on

S Pen. Always natural. Fine or bold

Superbly Accurate

The S Pen measures pressure with startling accuracy. Its delicate 0.7mm tip and 4,096-level pressure sensitivity gauge deliver an incredibly accurate writing experience. With technology that supports high-pressure sensitivity, draw and write to your heart’s content.

S Pen. Always natural. Fine or bold

S Pen. Always talented. For creating.

Greater Productivity

Work faster with S Pen Air Command features. Get drawing on Create Note, then view your work with View All Notes. Smart Select lets you select sections. With Screen Write, make notes on images. Show Window lets you view and make notes on big images of your screen on connected display units.

S Pen. Always talented. For creating.

No adaptor? No problem.

Easy Charging

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro lets you travel light. With USB-C compatibility, you can charge its battery with a range of compatible smartphone chargers or portable battery packs.

No adaptor? No problem.

* It must be charged by dedicated Samsung Charger and Battery.

Working late? No problem.

Long-lasting Battery

Get more freedom to work and play. With 12-hour battery life, you get the power to do productive tasks, create, surf the web and watch videos all day without having to worry about running low on power. With the fast charging feature, you can also give your device a quick power-boost.

Working late? No problem.

* Based on MobileMark 2014 : 12 hours

So real. So bright.

Vibrant Display

Samsung RealView Display delivers professional-grade color accuracy, ideal for graphics professionals. You and your friends can enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience from all angles with superb picture clarity. No matter how you view, text and images always stay distortion-free.

So real. So bright.

* Verified by UL for Bright & Accurate Premium Display (450nits, deltaE<2.5)

Brighter. Or even brighter. Your choice.

Bright Viewing

Indoors or out, you can always view bright, lifelike videos and images with the Samsung RealView Display’s 350-nit brightness in Normal Mode. If you are working in bright sunlight, just toggle Outdoor Mode via a simple shortcut (Fn+F10) to up the brightness level to 450 nits.

Brighter. Or even brighter. Your choice.

*Screen brightness may vary depending on manufacturing process.

Exceptionally Fast

Powerful Performance

With a faster 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor(quad core), a generous 16GB of memory and a solid state drive, this device offers breathtaking read and write speeds. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is quick in all departments, and launches apps in a flash, for smoother multitasking.

Exceptionally Fast

*Adobe product screenshot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.
*Specifications may vary depending on model and region.

Just look. And you†re logged in.

Face Recognition

With an infrared camera, you can activate facial recognition login via Windows Hello. Advanced biometric technology provides you with improved convenience and security. Log in without the need for a password, and keep all your data safe at all times.

Just look. And you†re logged in.
  • *Once the feature is activated, you can hide or unhide private folders by pressing the Fn+F11 keys.
  • *Codes and links sent via Link Sharing are only accessible with a network connection.

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