RT25M4013S8/SH 2 door Refrigerator 255L Elegant Inox

Color Elegant InoxElegant Inox

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Net Total

All Around Cooling

Cooling System


EEL Level


Freezing Capacity (kg/24 hour)

Smart, quiet, durable

Digital Inverter Technology

The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand across 7 levels. So it works smarter, minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear for a longer-lasting performance. And for complete peace of mind its performance is backed up by a 10 year warranty*.

Smart, quiet, durable

* 10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

Power cut resistant


The Coolpack in the freezer comes to the rescue during power outages. It is made of a material that retains the cold. So if the electricity supply is cut it maintains an internal temperature below 0°C and keeps food frozen up to 8 Hours, Which stops it defrosting and going to waste.

Power cut resistant

Odor eliminator

Deodorizing Filter

The built-in natural fiber Deodorizing Filter keeps the inside deodorized and preserves the original flavor and aroma of food for longer. It efficiently eliminates strong smells as the air is continually passed though activated carbon filters. So there’s no need for other odor fighting solution.

Odor eliminator

Easily reach food

Easy Slide Shelf

Getting food out of a refrigerator often means navigating an obstacle course of items. So the Easy Slide Shelf simply slides in and out and lets you efficiently store, organize and access your groceries – quickly finding and reaching things at the back and in every corner, with no “dead space".

Easily reach food

More bottle space

Tall Bottle Door Bin

A Tall Bottle Door Bin helps you easily and safely store and reach larger bottles, bulky milk and juice cartons and even more beverage items without wasting fridge space. It can even fit in 2 liter bottles, so you can enjoy plenty of chilled drinks without wasting time and energy getting them!

More bottle space

Ice/space on demand

Movable Ice Maker

When the weather is warm you need plenty of ice to stay cool. With the Movable Ice Maker a simple twist is all it takes to dispense a large quantity of ice cubes. But when the seasons change and there’s not much need for ice, you can easily remove it to create more storage space in the freezer.

Ice/space on demand

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LED Lighting

The high efficiency, long lasting LED lighting is slimmer, brighter and more power-efficient than conventional lighting. It creates more space for food, brilliantly illuminates every corner with softer lighting that’s more comfortable on your eyes, and saves you money on your electricity bill.

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Strong, safe shelves

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass shelves can safely hold heavy items, like watermelons or marrows. They are designed and tested to withstand a huge weight of up to 150kg. So you don’t need to worry about storing very heavy items on the shelves and food prepared in heavy pots and pans can be kept cool and fresh.

Strong, safe shelves
  • 255L Net Total
  • All Around Cooling Cooling System
  • 1 EEL Level
  • 3.87 Freezing Capacity (kg/24 hour)

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How It Stacks Up

  • Net Total 255L
  • Cooling System All Around Cooling
  • EEL Level 1
  • Freezing Capacity (kg/24 hour) 3.87

How It Stacks Up

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