Refer your friends and get amazing reward of up to HK$500 Octopus top-up value

Promotion period: From Oct 30. 2018 to Dec 31. 2018

Let's enjoy safe and convenient payment, and receive up to HK$500 reward! Eligible participants who have registered and added Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay and successfully referred a friend, will receive HK$100 Octopus top-up value together with the friend. The more you refer, the more you earn!

Become a Referrer

All participants registered Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay will be eligible to participate as a referrer. Each referrer can get a HK$100 Octopus top-up value for each successful referral, and get up to HK$500 Octopus top-up value in total.

Become a Referee

A referee who has not registered Samsung Pay and added Smart Octopus before promotion period will be eligible to participate in this promotion as a referee. Once the referee has submitted a referral code on the promotion event page, both referrer and referee will be eligible to receive a HK$100 Octopus top-up value.

5 Easy Steps to Earn Your Reward

Registered users of Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay will be eligible to participate as a referrer. The Referrer can get an unique referral code from the promotion event page.

Referrer shares the unique referral code to family and friends.

Referee must register Samsung Pay and add an eligible Smart Octopus during promotion period.

Referee login to the promotion event page to fill in the unique referral code and complete the enrolment.

Once the referral enrolment is completed, both referrer and referee will be eligible to receive a HK$100 Octopus top-up value.

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How to collect the Octopus reward

Please download Octopus App and register your Smart Octopus to receive the reward

The Reward will be available for collection through the Octopus App between 24th January to 28th February 2019.
(Both Referrer and Referee are required to maintain valid Smart Octopus at the time when the reward are collected to the relevant account as specified)

  • Step 1

    Add Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay

  • Step 2

    Download Octopus App in Google Play and register your Smart Octopus.

  • Step 3

    Eligible participants will receive a notification from Octopus App. Open the Octopus App in your Smartphone and select "Registered Octopus" to collect the reward.

  • Step 4

    Authenticate with fingerprint / PIN / Iris. The reward will be automatically added into the Smart Octopus.

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