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Last Update Date : Apr 12. 2018

Q:Updating/changing your credit card information
A: To change or update your credit card information:

1) Mobile After signing in, select [My page] from the options menu, and select [Edit credit card].

 2) Website Please sign in first and go to [My Page] > [My Profile] and click [Credit Card Settings] under the Payment Information field.

3) Kies Open Samsung Apps widget, select [My Page] > [My Profile] and click [Edit] under the Payment details field.

Please note that Samsung Apps makes a minimum authorization charge to confirm your credit card information,
when you set up a credit card. However, you will not actually be charged.

Q: Purchasing an application
A: You can buy applications using your mobile or Kies. Please sign in first and select applications that you want to buy.
1) Paid (Credit card) Select [Buy] > Select [Credit card] > [Purchase] > Download progress visualized at main menu > Installed application

2) Paid [Phone Billing] Select [Buy] > Select [Phone bill] > [Purchase] > Download progress visualized > Installed Application
*Note: Phone billing is only available in certain territories and at the seller's discretion. *Note: Android OS users cannot download paid apps via Kies.




Q: Purchasing applications without a credit card
A: Samsung Apps now supports phone billing. However, please note, P-SMS is available at the application seller's discretion,
therefore it may not be possible to purchase some applications via this method depending on your mobile operator.

Q: Adding a credit card will your account be charged?
A: When you set up a credit card, Samsung Apps places a minimum authorization hold to confirm your credit card information.
You will not actually be charged.

Q: Where I can find my coupons?
A: You can select the button to the left of the home button, then click [Payment methods] and [Gift cards and coupons] to view
available coupons. ※ If you are a [Galaxy Tab / Wave] user, you can log in to Samsung Apps and select [My page] > [My coupons] to view
the coupons you have.

Q: How to use a voucher to buy an application
A: When you decide to purchase an application, press the [Buy] button.
Pressing the button, a message [Purchase and Payment] appears, and you can choose the voucher to purchase the
application. Please be aware that you can use one voucher per application.


Q: Cautions about using vouchers.
A: Please note the following when using your voucher: - You can use one voucher per application. - You cannot use a voucher for a discounted item. - If a voucher expires, it automatically disappears from your list. - If you cancel the payment before downloading the application, the unused voucher will be restored. - If you wish to purchase an application of a greater value than the voucher, you can pay the balance with your credit card. - The unused balance of a voucher cannot be refunded or put on hold. - In Kies, you can only use coupons to purchase paid applications.

Q: How to register a promotional voucher
A: To redeem the Samsung Apps voucher:

1. Open Samsung Apps

2. Sign in and select [My Page] > [My vouchers]

3. Enter the code

Q: Obtaining a refund for purchased applications
A: Applications successfully purchased are not subject to refund or cancellation.
If an application has a material defect, the application will be replaced, downloaded again or a voucher provided for the
equivalent purchase value. Click [Support]>[FAQ]>[Ask a question] to submit your inquiry if you have a question about a refund. - Mobile: [Help] - [Contact us] (if you are a [Galaxy Tab/Wave] user, [Help and notices] - [Customer support] - [Contact us])

※ You cannot claim refunds for applications purchased from Google Play at Samsung Apps. Access Google Play to ask for
refunds according to the store policy.


Q: Purchasing applications on PC software Kies without connecting your phone to the computer
A: You can purchase applications even if your phone is not connected to the computer.
In this case, purchased applications will be saved to [My Downloads] of the Samsung Apps widget.
If you want to use these applications on your mobile phone, you will need to connect your phone to the computer in order to
install them. *Note : Android OS users cannot download paid applications via Kies.

Q: Purchasing applications on Kies using a credit card
A: For instance, if you select your home country when you install Kies, you will then have to set up your account with a credit card issued in your country. You will then be able to purchase applications via Kies, even when you travel outside the country and as long as you use the same credit card.

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