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HDMI certification guarantees premier performance

Enjoy premier performance with your HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) certification. It ensures that your HDMI cable, with a 12.3Gbps max speed, delivers smooth 3D data for a super-immersive TV experience. It also features a maximum picture resolution of 4000 vertical lines x 2000 horizontal lines – similar to digital projectors used in cinemas. Additionally, the cable’s ARC (Audio Return Channel) combines the upstream audio capability into a single HDMI cable. And with DTS HD and Dolby True HD support, your audio every bit as breathtakingly detailed as the master recording.


See true-to-life entertainment with enhanced signal

Enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound with the high quality HDMI cable’s enhanced signal transmission. Benefits include lower signal error and loss, which is possible due to a short strip length for lower impedance, a 24K gold terminal and plug for quality connectivity. Also adding to the quality transmission is strong noise immunity. This immunity is achieved through seamless plug, a metal can shield, a triple layer shield, and a higher density copper braid shielding. Add to this the improved industry standard test pattern, which delivers lower bit error and a higher standard of image, and lower impedance through a reduced range of impedance flatness. It is a quality of signal transmission that can be seen by the amazing Samsung visual experience.


New flexible HDMI design with swivel head is also eco friendly

New user-friendly premium HDMI design, with a cable head that has an easy plug-in and swivels, makes the SHC3020D simple to connect. It also drastically reduces the space required between the back of your TV and the wall. A tie band allows you to adjust the cable’s length to allow for easy movement, and for compact storage when not in use. The SHC3020D is easy on the environment too – it’s made from eco-friendly materials, and is 100% free of potentially harmful brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs). Available in 2m length for your choice.


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