In a changing industry, Samsung enables customer service on the go, rethinks mobile bank branches and safeguards solutions with defense-grade security.

Mobile solutions

  • Retail banking

    Mobile technology allows employees to move freely around the branch, engaging with customers naturally, and providing them with data-driven advice.

  • Wealth management

    With 2-in-1 tablets, meetings can happen anywhere. Financial advisors can conduct transactions and deliver crystal clear presentations on the go.

  • Insurance

    Enable smoother sales meetings with mobile access to policy data, and save time by editing and updating print contracts directly from a mobile device.

Features you'll want to switch for

With seamless integration for IT and the mobile capabilities financial professionals need, Samsung makes switching an easy choice.

Easy to use. Easy to manage.

With Samsung, mobile professionals can easily transfer important content and enjoy a seamless, secure experience, lets them be productive anywhere.


Samsung makes managing devices easier, partnering with top MDM providers to create a secure end-to-end solution.


When work goes mobile, security stays put

With defense-grade mobile security with bio authentication, Samsung Knox guarantee flexibility while protecting data and compliance.


Display solutions

Conference rooms

Facilitate engaging discussion, while supporting seamless video conferencing, providing up-to-date meeting schedules, and augmenting employee training.


Executive rooms

Display real-time market data, effectively provide internal management data, and deliver customized messages across multiple locations.

Air conditioner solutions

Easily controlled by your hand

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Independent control of zones

Samsung air conditioning solutions let you control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently.


Easy to tailor and manage

Samsung's air conditioning solutions have Central Controller and an easy-to-use Management System to monitor and tailor the conditions in wide areas.

Distraction-free performance

Quietly enhancing productivity

A noisy air conditioning system can be a real distraction. Samsung's air conditioning solutions silently create a productive environment.


Enabling effective meetings

Samsung air conditioning solutions operate silently to make the office conference rooms comfortable and also help enable effective communication.