Samsung technology delivers the flexibility and protection government agencies need to meet today’s evolving technology and data security challenges.

Featured for government

  • Defense-grade mobile security

    Samsung Knox is trusted to handle confidential information and is approved to protect government data up to the classified level.

  • Certifications

    Samsung Knox successfully meets the highest level of government certifications including Common Criteria.

  • Knox Mobile Enrollment

    Need to install and configure new devices to your MDM? Knox Mobile Enrollment can add a fleet of devices to your MDM with just a few clicks.

  • Knox Configure

    As a web-based service for IT administrators and system integrators, this feature deploys a specific group of settings to enroll devices with ease.

  • Knox Customization

    Simple set of tools and services allows you to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions, converting devices into purpose-built appliances.

Air conditioner solutions

Easily controlled by your hand

 An office floor plan with system air conditioner placed in each and every room

Independent control of zones

Samsung air conditioning solutions let you control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently.

Various controllers that facilitates temperature management

Easy to tailor and manage

Samsung's air conditioning solutions have Central Controller and an easy-to-use Management System to monitor and tailor the conditions in wide areas.

Distraction-free performance

 A wall mount air conditioner operating in an office

Quietly enhancing productivity

A noisy air conditioning system can be a real distraction. Samsung's air conditioning solutions silently create a productive environment.

A ceiling cassette air conditioner operating in a conference room

Enabling effective meetings

Samsung air conditioning solutions operate silently to make the office conference rooms comfortable and also help enable effective communication.

Workspace of the future

Move your agency to the digital forefront. From dynamic signage to enterprise-secured solid state drives, these products provide end-to-end solutions.

A Samsung Galaxy S8 connected to a monitor using Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX

Turn your phone into a computer with Samsung DeX by connecting your Galaxy S8 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a full desktop experience.

A Samsung SMART Signage product image

SMART Signage

From service centers to federal offices, manage government services effectively with digital signage and SMART Signage solutions.