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Stories of innovation and inspiration.

Meet #TeamGalaxy

Millie Bobby Brown, Steve Aoki, Lil Miquela and Ninja are proof
that you can #DoWhatYouCant and make anything possible.

#TeamGalaxy group photo featuring (LTR): Millie Bobby Brown crouching down in white heels as she looks upward to her right, Steve Aoki posing in mid-air with his arms outstretched and feet facing each other inwards, Lil' Miquela stands tall as she folds her arms across her chest and looks confidently straight ahead, Ninja sporting a pink hoodie as he extends his arms to the right side and stands with his left foot pointing outwards.

Step into the Scene

See what else we have in store.


What Is 5G?

5G is coming. Find out how it's going to change your life.

A tightly-formed collage of icons of household items sit against a blue background. They surround the word “5G” which is in the center.


The Serif
design story

The Serif by the Bouroullecs
establishes a new aesthetic in TV.

French furniture designers, the Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan watch 2019 The Serif in a modern style living room.

Social Purpose

Enabling dreamers
with purpose

Every generation has its dreams.
Now's the time for all of us
to dream big.

Illustration of Gen Z characters standing in a line wearing colorful clothing and accessories.

Introducing the Galaxy S10 5G*

Go HyperFast with the first 5G phone. HyperStream with blazing speed. HyperDownload more without Wi-Fi.

A pastel blue and pink Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone face-down with text that reads "5G" in bold typeface

Our Legacy

Testing for Life

See how we push our phones to the limits, so that you can too.

More Than a Stylus

How the S pen is transcending its role as a simple tool.

A Phone Built on Can't

They said it couldn't be done. But we did it.

Extreme Conditions

Built to follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond.

The Meaning of Our Name

What's in a name? Everything.

Our Philosophy

Discover the driving force behind our innovation and design.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Two Galaxy S20 Ultra phones, one in Cosmic Black, one in Cosmic Grey, seen from the rear at three-quarter angles