Stay Strong While You Stay In

How working out at home can help couples thrive.

Couple prepares to start daily workout at home

Exercising at home is a great way to stay well in these times. Be that as it may, it's easy to grow bored and listless when you're running on the treadmill or lifting weights by yourself. Grab a partner to keep home fitness fun and fresh. Breathe new life into your exercise routine and spend some quality one-on-one time with couple workouts at home.

Couple is taking a rest at home in front of the big screen tv

Customize your routine

Working out as a couple from the comfort of your home means you're free to find a rhythm and pace that work for both of you. Check out different exercise video content, and use the best parts of your favorite routines to create a personalized workout you can follow along with on the TV. Set and achieve your fitness goals together and nurture your relationship along the way.

Design a workout you'll both enjoy

Warm up the right way

Did you know that stretching before a workout increases muscle flexibility and improves blood circulation? Warming up with a dynamic full body stretch is a good habit to get into. Playing stretching exercise videos on a TV screen makes it easier to catch detailed movements and develop proper posture and technique. Here are some basic partner stretches to get you started.

Couple gets ready to exercise in front of a big screen TV
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Build a solid foundation

A good workout routine begins with building strength. Squats strengthen your core muscles and balance the upper and lower body. Doing a squat twist with a partner helps you bend lower, increasing the efficiency of the full-body workout. Begin by facing each other, extend your arms and hold both hands while lowering into a squat. While holding the squat position, both partners release one hand and slowly twist your spine as you stretch your arm outward. Keep hips facing your partner.

Conquer challenges together

Feeling confident enough to put your skills to the test? Search on your TV for more advanced workouts posted by online personal trainers. This challenging yoga pose is a great couples exercise in improving body balance, strength and trust. We recommend starting with the physically stronger partner as base and the lighter partner as flyer.

Base and flyer in starting position for yoga pose

Base lies flat on the ground, knees bent, with the arches of both feet pressed securely against the flyer's hip joints.

Base and flyer hold hands and prepare for next step

Flyer shifts weight forward to base's legs while both partners join hands and keep arms straight. Eye contact between flyer and base will establish trust.

Flyer lifts feet off ground with weight supported by base

When flyer's weight has shifted to base, flyer lifts feet off the ground as base straightens knees. Flyer keeps legs horizontally straight and toes pointed.

Flyer is airborne with weight supported only by base's legs

Base and flyer focus strength in shoulders to push and support each other. Flyer keeps core engaged, raises head to face forward, releases hands and reaches arms back like a bird's wings.

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Track every inch of your progress

Wrap up each workout session with a couples selfie to capture that healthy, post-workout glow and record your results. Look over the photos together on a Big Screen TV to examine up-close new muscles you've developed or make note of areas you'd like to improve. It's a fun way to communicate and hold each other accountable on your path to fitness.

Set up workout reminders

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