DVM, 4-WAY Cassette, Heat Pump



World Top Class Energy Efficiency
World Top Class Energy Efficiency

Perfect comfort with new 4 Way Cassette S! Samsung''s new 4 Way Cassette S has magnificently improved average cooling and heating COP up to 4.8 compared to conventional products, achieving world class energy efficiency. Our highly efficient compressors have made it possible to offer perfect performance in both cooling and heating operation. Enjoy the clean and fresh air without any financial worries!

World Lightest Weight
World Lightest Weight

Samsung’s 4 Way Cassette S is now lighter in weight at 17 kg. It is the lightest indoor unit in the industry, about 35 lighter than the conventional products.Samsung was the first to apply ABS cabinets into its indoor units to provide the lightest units. The slim design makes maintenance a breeze and the world lightest weight helps you to install mush easier, too.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The new 4 Way Cassette S supports two panels with different pattern designs. You can select between the Waffle and Classic pattern, depending on your interior’s look or personal preference. Plus, the simple display design with its rounded corners adds a neat and tidy feeling to your sophisticated interior. Visually harmonises with your interior with new 4 Way Cassette S!

S-Plasma ion
S-Plasma ion

Sanitise your indoor air with Samsung’s S-Plasma ion! Priory-filtered air is made even healthier through the S-Plasma ion device which eliminates airborne contaminants, completely eradicates bacteria, eradicates allergies by eradicating airborne allergens and even neutralises OH-radicals. This optional device can be easily installed by simply inserting the S-Plasma ion kit into the indoor unit.

Surround Air Flow
Surround Air Flow

The new 4 way Cassette S can cool every portion of your room. The new and practical design of the blades minimises blind spots at the corners of the panel, and can almost cover a full 360˚ around the indoor unit.

Individual Blade Control
Individual Blade Control

By using the new remote controller, the opening angles of the 4 blades can be individually set at the same or different angles within a 32˚~65˚ range for more efficient cooling.

  • Powerful Airflow

    Powerful Airflow

    Wide blades in the indoor unit deliver cool or warm air at greater distances up to 5.2 meters to provide cooling and heating throughout the room efficiently

  • Fresh Air Intake

    Fresh Air Intake

    By installing Samsung''s new 4 Way Cassette S, fresh air can enter through the unit so that you can enjoy even fresher air in your room.

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation

    Each corner portion of the panel is detachable: this makes it easier for you to adjust the height, and makes installation and leveling much easier and quicker.

  • Features
    • Type 4 WAY CASSETTE S
  • Model Name
    • Indoor Unit AM112FN4DEH/EU
  • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) Φ, #, V, Hz
    • 1, 2, 220 - 240, 50
  • System
    • Mode HP / HR
  • Capacity
    • Cooling 11.2kW
    • Cooling [Btu/h] 38200Btu/h
    • Heating 12.5kW
    • Heating [Btu/h] 42700Btu/h
  • Power Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 78W
    • Heating 78W
  • Current Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 0.55A
    • Heating 0.55A
  • Fan
    • Type Turbo Fan
    • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) 26 / 24 / 22 CMM
    • Air Flow Rate(High/Mid/Low)[L/S] 433.33 / 400 / 366.67
  • Piping Connections
    • Liquid Pipe 9.52mm
    • Liquid Pipe 3 / 8"
    • Gas Pipe 15.88mm
    • Gas Pipe 5 / 8"
    • Drain Pipe (Φ,mm) VP25 (OD 32, ID 25)
  • Field Wiring
    • Power Source Wire 1.5 ~ 2.5
    • Transmission Cable 0.75 ~ 1.5
  • Refrigerant
    • Type R410A
    • Control Method EEV INCLUDED
  • Sound
    • Sound Pressure (High / Mid / Low) [dB(A)] 40 / 38 / 35 dBA
    • Sound Power 57dBA
  • External Dimension (Indoor Unit)
    • Net Weight 17kg
    • Shipping Weight 20kg
    • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 840 x 246 x 840 mm
    • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 898 x 316 x 898 mm
  • Panel Size
    • Panel model PC4NUSKAN
    • Panel Net Weight (kg) 5.8kg
    • Shipping Weight 8.4kg
    • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 950 x 45 x 950 mm
    • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 1005 x 100 x 1005 mm

Energy label, Fiche, ErP

* Samsung air conditioners contain fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A with GWP=2088

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