DVM, Console, Heat Pump

Powerful yet Highly Elegant
Colour WHITE


Slim and Smart Design
Slim and Smart Design

At just 199mm thick, this is the slimmest air conditioner on the market. It provides optimal performance with an elegant and compact design. The smart Clean Panel is innovative and unique, preventing dust from accumulating on the unit and in the room. With less dirt and fewer blockages, businesses benefit from reduced cleaning and maintenance costs. It is possible to control the system via an intuitive black touchscreen display, which enables users to get the very best results from this product.

2Way Air Outlets
2Way Air Outlets

By having two separate air outlets for cooling and heating, the Console unit ensures that every inch of space achieves the desired temperature. Warm air is expelled from the bottom air outlet, helping to spread warmth evenly throughout the room. With these innovative two-way air outlets, businesses are able to enjoy a more comfortable, pleasant environment.

Silent Operation
Silent Operation

The Console air conditioning unit is not only powerful and efficient, but it also operates as quietly as possible at just 23dB. There are four different operating modes, giving users a choice between high, medium, low and silent. Businesses will benefit from the physical comfort of optimum temperature as well as from the advantages of a peaceful, quiet workspace.

  • Model Name
    • Indoor Unit AM022KNJDEH/EU
  • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) Φ, #, V, Hz
    • 1,2,220-240,50
  • System
    • Mode HP/HR
  • Capacity
    • Cooling 2.2kW
    • Cooling [Btu/h] -
    • Heating 2.5kW
    • Heating [Btu/h] -
  • Power Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 16 W
    • Heating 16 W
  • Fan
    • Type Turbo Fan
    • Motor (Output) 37 W
    • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) 6.30/5.40/4.90 CMM
  • Piping Connections
    • Liquid Pipe 6.35 mm
    • Liquid Pipe 1/4"
    • Gas Pipe 12.7 mm
    • Gas Pipe 1/2"
    • Drain Pipe (Φ,mm) ID 18 mm
  • Field Wiring
    • Power Source Wire 1.5 ~ 2.5
    • Transmission Cable 0.75 ~ 1.50
  • Refrigerant
    • Type R410A(Fluorinated greenhouse gas)
    • Control Method EEV INCLUDED
  • Sound
    • Sound Pressure 34/33/31 dBA
    • Sound Power -
  • External Dimension (Indoor Unit)
    • Net Weight 15.5 kg
    • Shipping Weight 20.5 kg
    • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 720*620*199 mm
    • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 810*710*295 mm

Energy label, Fiche, ErP

* Samsung air conditioners contain fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A with GWP=2088

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DVM, Console, Heat Pump (AM022KNJDEH/EU)



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