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Air Conditioner AR9500M

Get Cool Fast,
Stay Cool without Direct

Wind-Free Cooling effectively maintains a comfortable level of coolness without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. Cool air is gently dispersed through 21,000 micro air holes, so you don’t feel too hot or cold.

The image shows 21,000 micro air holes at the front panel of AR9500M
* Beaufort wind force scale defines "calm" as air currnets at speeds below 0.3m/s which lack the presence of cold drafts.

Cools you down faster

Fast cooling

Quickly cools from corner to corner, so you’re always comfortable wherever you are. Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology cools the air 43% faster* and a triangular architecture disperses cool air farther and wider**.

Its unique triangle architecture has a 139% wider inlet, so more air can be drawn in. A 122% bigger fan and a 154% wider outlet also ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster, farther and wider.
* Tested on AR07M5170HA compared with Samsung conventional model ARN-CM63B.
** Tested on AR09FSSSBWK compared with Samsung conventional model AQV12TWS.

Control it anytime
& anywhere*

Wi-Fi Control using a Smart Home App

With the Wi-Fi Control using a Smart Home App* you can remotely control the functions and schedule its operation. It also gives you live feedback about how it’s operating and lets you monitor and limit power usage.

When user touches the power button of the smart home app, the air conditioner is turned on.
* Available on iPhones and Android devices. A network connection is required. A Samsung application account is necessary.

Enjoy a good night’s

Wind-Free Good Sleep mode

Good Sleep mode with Wind-Free Cooling creates the ideal climate for a good night’s sleep – without cold air flow. Its temperature control with Wind-Free cooling helps you fall asleep fast, sleep deeply, and wake refreshed.

Good Sleep mode
When using a conventional air conditioner, a user feels too cold from direct air flow. While using the Wind-Free air conditioner,  user can enjoy comfortable environment without direct wind.

Keeps comfortable
without changing

Wind-Free 2-Step Cooling mode

The 2-Step Cooling mode cools the air fast in Fast Cooling mode, then automatically changes to Wind-Free mode to maintain the temperature. So you stay comfortable, without cold spots, and don’t need to change settings.


R32 Refrigerant

Uses the next generation R32 refrigerant, which has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than conventional refrigerants, so it is much more environmentally friendly*.

R32 Environmentally
Friendly A conventional refrigerant R22 has high Ozone Depletion Potential, and R410A has high Global Warming Potential. On the other hand, next generation refrigerant R32 has a low Global Warming Potential and also has an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero.
* Tested on R32 refrigerant compared with Samsung conventional refrigerant R410A and R22.

Reduces harmful viruses

Filtration System

Keeps the air you breathe pure and healthy. A Easy Filter captures dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens*. And Ionizer reduces certain harmful viruses and bacteria by up to 99%**.

* Tested in Korea test lab (FITI/KEMTI) and Japan test lab (ITEA). Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and results may vary based on environmental factors.
** Tested in Kitasato Environmental Science Center (Japan)

Quick & easy to
clean filter

Easy Filter Plus

The Easy Filter Plus is located outside, on the top, so it can easily be taken out, cleaned and put back – without opening a cover. And its anti-bacterial coating filters dust, airborne contaminants and allergens*

Easy Filter Plus can easily be taken out without opening a cover or pull hard to get it out.
* Tested in Korea test lab (FITI/KEMTI) and Japan test lab (ITEA). Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and may vary based on environmental factors.
  • Capacity
    • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr) 22719 Btu/hr
    • Capacity (Heating, Btu/hr) 25250 Btu/hr
    • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, Btu/hr) 4777-25932 Btu/hr
    • Capacity (Heating, Min - Max, Btu/hr) 4095-31392 Btu/hr
    • Capacity (Cooling, kW) 6.50 kW
    • Capacity (Heating, kW) 7.40 kW
    • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, kW) 1.4-7.6 kW
    • Capacity (Heating, Min - Max, kW) 1.2-9.2 kW
  • Energy Efficiency
    • EER (Cooling, W/W) 2.85 W/W
    • COP (Heating, W/W) 2.85 W/W
    • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (Grade) A++
    • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (W/W) 6.10
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (Grade) A
    • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (W/W) 3.80
  • Noise Level
    • Sound Power Level(Indoor, Cooling, dBA) 62 dBA
    • Sound Power Level(Outdoor, Cooling, dBA) 68 dBA
    • Noise Level (Indoor, High/Low, dBA) 45 / 26 dBA
    • Noise Level (Outdoor, High/Low, dBA) 54 dBA
  • Electrical Data
    • Power Source(Φ/V/Hz) 1 / 220-240 /50
    • Power Consumption(Cooling, W) 2280 W
    • Power Consumption(Heating, W) 2595 W
    • Operating Current(Cooling, A) 10.0 A
    • Operating Current(Heating, A) 11.5 A
  • Physical specification
    • Gross Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 1130*374*384 mm
    • Gross Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 1023*724*413 mm
    • Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 1065*301*311 mm
    • Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 880*638*310 mm
    • Gross Weight (Indoor, kg) 16.5 kg
    • Gross Weight (Outdoor, kg) 47.3 kg
    • Net Weight (Indoor, kg) 13.4 kg
    • Net Weight (Outdoor, kg) 44.2 kg
    • Loading Quantity (20/40/40Hft without Pipe) 58 / 123 / 143
  • Technical Information
    • Piping Length (Max, m) 30 m
    • Piping Height (Max, m) 15 m
    • SVC Valve (Liquid (ODxL)) 6.35
    • SVC Valve (Gas (ODxL)) 15.88
    • Moisture Removal (l/hr) 2.5 l/hr
    • Air Circulation (Cooling, ㎥/min) 17.6 ㎥/min
    • Refrigerant (Type) R410A(Contains fluorinated greenhouse gas, GWP=2,088)
    • Refrigerant (Charging, kg) 1.45 kg
    • Refrigerant (Charging, tCO2e) 3.03 tCO2e
    • Low Ambient (Cooling, ℃) -10~46 ℃
    • Low Ambient (Heating, ℃) -15~24 ℃
    • Outdoor Unit (Compressor Type) BLDC
    • Outdoor Unit (Anti-Corrosion Fin) Yes
  • Air Flow
    • Air Direction Control (Up/Down) Auto
    • Air Direction Control (Left/Right) Auto
    • Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan) 5/4
  • Air Purification
    • Ionizer Yes
    • PM 2.5 Filter No
    • Allergy Care Yes
    • Anti-Bacteria Yes
    • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) Yes
    • Easy filter No
    • Easy Filter Plus Yes
  • Convenience
    • Smart wifi Yes
    • Filter Cleaning Indicatior Yes
    • Indoor Temp. Display Yes
    • Display On/Off Yes
    • Beep On/Off Yes
    • 24-Hour Timer Yes
    • Auto Changeover Yes
    • Auto Restart Yes
  • Operating Mode
    • 2 Step Cooling Yes
    • Fast Cool Yes
    • Comfort Cool Yes
    • Dlight Cool No
    • Good Sleep Yes
    • Single User Mode Yes
    • Dehumidification Yes
    • Fan Mode Yes
    • Quiet Yes
  • Smart
    • Bluetooth No
    • WiFi Dongle(Separate sale) Support No
    • WiFi Kit No
    • WiFi Embedded Yes
  • App Connectivity
    • SmartThings App Support Yes
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