Circle K

Kaunas, Lithuania

“Circle K is one of the largest gas station chains in Lithuania which offers premium products and excellent service. In 2016 we developed a new retail store concept featuring a black ceiling. To complement the redesign of the stores, we looked for air conditioners that would fit seamlessly with our upgraded design. The Samsung 360 Cassette proved to be the best solution for us. The 360 Cassette evenly distributes air inside the stores to create the perfect microclimate for customers and operators and the round design and black-colored panels perfectly fit the interior. The unit is also easier to maintain compared to other air conditioners, and blade dust is eliminated due to its bladeless design. We have installed a total of eighty 360 Cassettes at our stores throughout Lithuania.”

Zigmundas Kepalas
Manager Real Estate Development


360 Cassettes (CAC): 70 Units (7.1kW - 14.0kW)
Wall-Mounted: 30 Units (2.6kW - 7.1kW)
Ceiling: 6 Units (14.0kW)


CAC Universal Outdoor Unit: 106 (2.6kW - 14.0kW)