Slim design, powerful yet quiet peformance

Samsung's Console unit fits perfectly in any interior and provides quiet cooling and heating.

Blends in beautifully

Slim and Smart Design

Being just 199mm thick, its slim and smart design is compact and unobtrusive, so it will fit into almost any space and with any décor. But it is still powerful enough to maintain the optimal temperature, even if the room has high ceilings and many windows.

Heats or cools evenly in every corner

2-way Air Outlets

Create a pleasant environment by ensuring an even temperature in every corner of your room. The Console air conditioner has 2-way Air Outlets. By having two separate air outlets for cooling and heating, it ensures that every inch of space quickly reaches the desired temperature – and stays that way. Warm air is expelled from the bottom air outlet, helping to spread warmth evenly throughout the room.

Silent yet powerful & efficient cooling

Silent Mode

Make less noise when you need to, but still benefit from powerful and efficient air conditioning. Simply select from four different operating modes (High, Medium, Low and Silent) to enjoy optimal heating and cooling in a wide variety of situations. In Silent mode it works at a lower speed to generate a quiet, but comfortable air flow. With a noise level of just 23dB(A)* it is almost as quiet as a whisper. With no noisy distractions everyone can concentrate easily, which helps enhance productivity.

* Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use.

* Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use.


Discover the Console Range

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