DVM, Water outdoor


  • World-class Energy Efficiency
  • Consolidating Control Solution of Chiller and VRF
  • Easy Installation & Small Space(25 ~ 493% reduction based on 560 kW)

More efficient, more eco-friendly

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system saves money and the environment, while providing a powerful performance. Its innovative Dual Inverter Compressor with a high efficiency Vapor Injection System ensures powerful, rapid cooling and heating with minimum energy consumption, so it’s very eco-friendly. A Plate Heat Exchanger also improves the heat exchange efficiency and ensures stable cooling and heating performances.

Flexible installation almost anywhere

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of its location or distance from the building. It has a maximum piping length of up to 170 meters (558 feet) between the outdoor and indoor units, while still ensuring complete reliability. It can also reach up to a height of 50 meters (164 feet), which is the equivalent of 10 stories.

Independently cool and heat

With the DVM S WATER air conditioning system’s optional Mode Control Unit (MCU) you can independently cool and heat different spaces at the same time. Instead of just heating or cooling all spaces at the same time, with the MCU each indoor unit can be operated separately, so you can simultaneously heat some rooms or areas of the building, while cooling others.

Optimal water flow controller

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system’s built-in Water Flow Controller helps control the amount of water used to cool and heat the outdoor unit. It determines the optimum flow of water based on the internal temperature of the spaces, so the circulation pump’s energy consumption is optimized and costs reduced. And because it†s provided as standard there’s no need to buy a separate water flow control kit.

Louver-less installation

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system’s louver-less installation ensures that the outside of your building stays looking neat and tidy. Because it’s cooled with water, there’s no need to install unsightly louver to allow air to circulate and remove excess heat. So it can be easily installed inside a building, without impacting on the integrity of its architectural design.

Minimal noise for maximum comfort

The DVM S WATER air conditioning system has a low noise level, so it won’t impact on your building’s environment or disturb anyone at work. In particular, because it uses a water-cooled Plate Heat Exchanger, there†s no noise caused by the fan of an outdoor unit, and the hermetically sealed case of the outdoor unit and compressor felt reduce any other noise coming out.




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