DVM S (Digital Variable Multi) Eco

Wide Coverage for Small Spaces

Experience ultimate comfort at home or work with powerful yet economical performance.

Energy Efficiency

Drive down costs and energy use

The Samsung DVM S Eco delivers world-class energy efficiency with advanced compressor technology. It offers industry-leading COP, which means exceptional heating and cooling performance at a nominal cost.

All-round Comfort

Tailored to spaces, adjust anywhere

The Samsung DVM S Eco gives you the flexibility to individually optimize the living or working conditions in multiple locations - all at once. And you can remotely control its operation from wherever you are.

Flexible Installation

Fits in many more places

Make the best use of valuable space using the Samsung DVM S Eco outdoor unit. With a compact design and flexible connectivity, it’s much easier to install in a much wider choice of locations.


Discover the DVM S Eco Range

A DVM S Eco unit A DVM S Eco unit