DVM S Water

Flexible Heating and Cooling

Temper your indoor environment with the innovative water-based heating and cooling technology of Samsung’s DVM S Water climate system.

Energy Efficiency

Enhance the environment and control costs

The Samsung DVM S Water features several smart technologies that combine together to deliver world-class energy efficiency for today’s eco- and budget-conscious businesses.

All-year Comfort

Tailored to spaces, works silently

Using the Samsung DVM S Water you can enjoy optimized comfort in multiple living or working environments, with more flexible control and less disturbance.

Flexible Installation

Simplified, cost saving, design-conscious

The compact yet powerful DVM S Water outdoor unit saves space and costs. Its extended piping length gives you more installation options, while its louver-less installation keeps the building design neat.


Discover the DVM S Water Range

A DVM S water unit A DVM S water unit