Samsung Enterprise Tech Support


Samsung Enterprise Tech Support

Samsung's direct tech support & troubleshooting of mobile related issues in enterprise IT environment

Samsung Enterprise Tech Support
Samsung Enterprise Tech Support

About Enterprise Tech Support

Enterprise Tech Support ensures that your organisation is equipped with the necessary expertise, as provided by Samsung mobility engineers. Our experts are ready to conduct proactive assessment, provide reliable support, handle escalations of various sorts/degrees, as well as tailor solutions to fulfill your organisation's unique needs.

Benefits for your business

Downtime and inefficiency equal loss in productivity. That’s why Enterprise Technical Support offers you direct access to our team of enterprise mobility experts. We’ll help your IT team get more value from your mobility investment. Whether you’re troubleshooting, preparing for the next OS release or looking to use Samsung phones, tablets and wearables in new and innovative ways, Samsung is here to support you.

Flexible Support Offerings

Samsung’s offerings, which are based on different support options, are designed to meet your organisation’s individual needs. Choose the support option that fits your organisation. The offerings include Advanced (Tier-3 support), Elite (Tier-3 support with account management) and Elite Plus (Tier-3 support with account management + device replacement)


Mobility Expertise on Demand

With Samsung’s commitment to the Enterprise, Tier-3 mobility experts are only a phone call away. You can access directly to an experienced team of mobility experts by phone, email and portal.


Proactive Account Management

Your Support Account Manager is there to serve as an extension of your team, working closely with the entire Technical Support organisation to help ensure consistent management and prioritisation of your critical support issues and escalations.

Elite Plus

NBD Device Replacement

The hassle-free alternative to managing your own spare pool. Simply request an exchange on a registered device and we’ll ship you a replacement for delivery the next business day.

Based on service items and service level, Advanced/Elite can be provided
Advanced Elite Elite Plus
Direct Access to Expert Engineer check check check
Technical Training check check check
Support Account Manager (SAM) false check check
On-site Tech Support false check check
Device Replacement false false check

*Samsung’s offerings will initially begin with Advanced and Elite. Elite Plus will be launched soon.
*See Services Guide for restrictions. All services subject to the Samsung Enterprise Tech Support Terms and Conditions.


Direct Access to Expert Engineer
Direct Access to Expert Engineer

Samsung knows accurately when it comes to Samsung devices. Enterprise Tech Support offers direct access to an experienced team of mobility experts.

Technical Training

When major OS upgrades or new Samsung enterprise solutions are released, we provide tech training so that your company's IT Admin is kept up-to-date and is able to respond effectively and efficiently.

Support Account Manager (SAM)
Support Account Manager (SAM)

The Support Account Manager, also referred to as a SAM, is a dedicated support manager. The SAM is there to serve as an extension of your team, an escalation manager within Samsung, and furthermore to be your company’s trusted advisor.

On-site Tech Support
On-site Tech Support

You might not know what to do when a critical issue arises. An expert engineer visits your site to analyse problems and provides resolutions.

Device Replacement
Device Replacement

If you have trouble using the device due to its malfunction or breakage, a replacement device will be sent to you the next business day in order to minimise downtime.