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Our vision at CES 2020

We strive to enrich the everyday lives of people through innovative, interactive, and intelligent technology. We brought our vision for the future to life at CES 2020, displaying our groundbreaking TV range, next-generation phones, AI-enabled innovations and so much more.
President and CEO of Samsung Electronics speaks at the Samsung Keynote at CES 2020.

Samsung's keynote at CES 2020

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Watch HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics, kick off Samsung’s CES 2020 keynote by heralding the beginning of what the company calls the Age of Experience – an age in which human-centric innovations “delight … redefine … [and] bring us closer together.”

Welcome to the Age of Experience

Watch HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics, outline his company’s vision of robots as life companions that live by your side, understand you, and care for you in your daily life.

Meet Your New Robotic Life Companions

Meet Ballie, the first product of Samsung’s vision to create intelligent robots that serve as life companions. Afterward, find out some of the useful ways he'll help you out around the house.

Introducing Ballie!

Watch Sebastian Seung, Executive Vice President and Chief Research Scientist at Samsung Electronics, introduce enhancements to Samsung Health that leverage AI to offer users more personalised care. Next, find out how Samsung’s partnership with Kaiser Permanente is revolutionising digital healthcare through apps like HeartWise.

Offering More Personalised Care with Samsung Health

Watch Dr. Federico Casalegno, Chief Design Innovation Officer of the Samsung Design Innovation Center, and Chandni Kabra, Designer at the Samsung Design Innovation Center, treat the CES 2020 crowd to the first-ever demonstration of Samsung’s GEMS technology. Short for Gait Enhancing & Motivating System, GEMS pairs with AR glasses and a Galaxy smartwatch to create completely customized fitness experiences – transforming your home into your own personal workout studio.

Trek the Himalayas From Home: AR Fitness with GEMS

Watch Dr. Federico Casalegno, Chief Design Innovation Officer of the Samsung Design Innovation Center, explain how the combination of Bixby and smart innovations like Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, its food prep assistant, Bot Chef, and a new self-contained growing station that lets you enjoy garden-fresh produce from the comfort of home, will breathe new life into our kitchens. Afterward, hear how Samsung is converging hardware, software, AI and IoT to change how we experience entertainment through something it calls “hyper immersion.”

Step Into the Smart Home of the Future

Watch Emily Becher, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung NEXT Global, discuss how Samsung and its partners are integrating technologies like AI, IoT, 5G and edge computing to realize the company’s exciting vision for the future. It’s a future in which buildings are smarter, intelligently managing energy use and learning users’ patterns; transportation is simpler and safer, thanks to companies like Samsung’s investment in Mobility-as-a-Service; and the combination of 5G and AR technology enables communities to connect in incredible new ways.

A Peek at the Safer, More Convenient City of the Future

Watch HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics, reveal how Samsung is strengthening its commitment to protecting users’ privacy by giving them greater control over their information, and pledging never to share their data with third parties without obtaining prior and direct consent from the user him- or herself.

Data Security: One Thing You Should Never Compromise On

Watch HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics, discuss how Samsung innovations like Relúmĭno, GEMS, and IGNIS Vision and Voice are changing people’s lives by helping them see more clearly, walk more comfortably, and by making their communities safer. Afterward, see how citizenship programs like the Samsung Innovation Campus are arming young people with the skills they need to tackle tomorrow’s demands.

Creating a Better Place for All

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Experience the power of a future beyond all boundaries

The Sero stands in a white room, with the screen in horizontal mode, displaying a building on the screen.
The Sero

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Soundbar Q800T

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Family Hub™

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Gait Enhancing & Motivating System

The GEMS are wearable robotic solutions to help disabled individuals walk and everyone exercise better

Two easy-to-use AI service robot models that take quality of life to the next level.
Future AI projects

Samsung's future AI projects are aiming to make a positive impact on society and shape a better world through Samsung products with personalised, easy-to-use AI services

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