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Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Relive your Guy Fawkes Night with the best fireworks photos.

Fireworks exploding in the sky for Guy Fawkes

Each year on the 5th of November the skies light up with bright colours and exploding patterns. On the ground you’ll find kids making shapes mid-air with sparkling silver and gold sticks, while backyards are filled with their own celebrations. And, unless you’ve lived under a rock your whole life, you’ve probably heard of it.

person looking at fireworks exploding in the sky during guy fawkes

So why do we celebrate Guy Fawkes night?

You can trace the history of Guy Fawkes night back to 1605 and the foiled attempt on King James 1’s life by a group of English Catholics. Known as the Gunpowder Plot, the plan was to blow up the House of Lords along with the visiting King. Fortunately, the group were rumbled when the authorities received an anonymous letter and a member of the group, tasked with guarding the barrels of gunpower, was captured. His name was Guy Fawkes and the date was the 5th of November 1605.

Celebrating the fact that King James I survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires around London. Months later something called the Observance of 5th November Act was introduced to celebrate the Plot’s failure and King’s survival. In a twisted turn of events, Guy Fawkes and his fellow band of Gunpowder Plotters made the history books like they wanted - just for all the wrong reasons.

The tradition is still going strong to this day, and organised fireworks displays are some of the most exciting and popular of the year. It’s a visual spectacle in a league of its own.

four women playing with sparklers and laughing

Got it. What’s the point though?

Capturing fireworks with smartphones has always been tricky, right? The camera quality never quite manages to do the colours and explosions justice. Photographs come out grainy and glary or, even worse, it’s just one big massive blur.

Luckily, the latest Samsung smartphones are up to the challenge with impressive low-light features. This means you can capture all those explosive colours and shapes at night with stunning clarity through Dual Aperture technology.

Dual Aperture basically means the camera lens adapts to your surroundings like the human eye. With two different modes – F1.5 and F2.4 – the camera switches automatically between different lighting conditions with ease. If it’s dark, the lens opens to F1.5 mode to pull in light for a bright and clear photo. And in the daylight, the lens shifts to F2.4 mode to help your picture come out sharp. You can find it on the Galaxy Note9, S9+ and S9.

4.	The Samsung Galaxy Note9 in front of fireworks going off in the sky
Photo of the back of a Samsung Glaxy S9
Dual Aperture

Choose between two f-stop modes. Our F1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots.

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Photo of the back of a Samsung Glaxy S9
Dual Aperture

Choose between two f-stop modes. Our F1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots.

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So what does this mean for my Guy Fawkes photos?

It means your photos will look stunning. The lens will adjust itself at night time (just like the human eye does), so that whatever it captures will be just as you see it. Crystal clear, no light glares, no blurs. You’ll be able to capture the moment the fireworks explode across the sky. Or snap that sparkler shot in full depth and detail.

As the lens automatically adjusts itself, it reduces visual distortion to deliver the best picture possible, and helps the camera provide 28% better reception to light.

There’s nothing worse than snapping that perfect moment, only to check the image in the gallery and find that part of it is filled with an annoying bright glare, or part of it is blurry. It’s nothing to brag about. Or ‘gram about, really.

But with the sweet low-light features on these Galaxy smartphones, you’ll be able to ‘gram instantly to your heart’s desire. It’ll adjust to the night, manage the light and give the photo life. And you can toggle the lens to set the mood you like.

5.	The Samsung Galaxy S9 being held up to take photos of fireworks that are in the background

"You'll be able to capture the moment the fireworks explode across the sky"

Remember, remember your own Guy Fawkes.

The Galaxy Note9, S9+ and S9 will help you make the most of your own Guy Fawkes celebrations. You won’t need to fine-tune the images with the low-light camera function – it’ll already pop in vibrant detail. Share the photos with your friends and family across social media and enjoy all year long.

For explosive fireworks photos

Capture your Guy Fawkes night with the Galaxy Note9, S9+ and S9. The camera will automatically adapt to bright lights and the night, giving your photos new life.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 and S Pen

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Galaxy S9

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