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Uncover Montenegro with Just One Charge

Discover what the Galaxy Note9 can achieve with one full battery on holiday in Europe.


With a rich culture and history, stunning mountains and gorgeous beaches, Montenegro is the perfect place to holiday. While neighbouring Greece and Croatia may be the popular favourites for a European getaway, Montenegro is a hidden gem punching above its small size with picturesque landscapes and medieval towns.
We love the Balkan country so much that we invited 12 influencers from the world of television, music, gaming, photography and fashion to take part in the One Charge Challenge. The challenge asked the simple question – what can the Galaxy Note9 accomplish with just one charge? Quite a lot, it turns out. The contestants faced challenges designed to push the Note9 to its limit, with Montenegro providing a beautiful setting for the fun and games.
Read on to discover what makes the Note9 a convenient, long-lasting travel companion, what challenges the contestants faced and for handy tips on what to see and do in Montenegro.

High-speed connection on the Perast coast

Montenegro is packed with amazing beaches. Because it’s right on the Adriatic Coast, visitors can enjoy long, languid summer days relaxing on the beach gazing out towards the sea - and the view from the water is even better. The first challenge saw the contestants paddling on kayaks from Perast, an old town in the Bay of Kotor, in search of a hidden flag. The voyage took them to the two islets off the Perast coast - Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George Island - both offering stunning mountainous views. Thanks to the Note9’s incredibly high download speed, the contestants accessed their instructions easily, even as they paddled further and further away from shore. Let it be known: no matter how far and wide you explore, the Note9 will operate smoothly and keep you connected.


Ice-cream hunting in Kotor

The old coastal town Kotor is one of the best-preserved medieval parts of the Mediterranean. Here you’ll find awe-inspiring churches, cathedrals and museums, complemented with narrow streets, squares and markets. It proved the ideal location for the second challenge, which saw the contestants navigate through the town in search of clues. Thanks to the Note9’s Multi Screen mode, they could read the clues and navigate at the same time. It’s a nice feature that’ll help when you’re exploring a new country and when you need to multi-task. But just what were the contestants asked to do? Buy a specific ice-cream using clues to decipher the flavour, of course. Because, on a summer’s day in Kotor, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cream.


Portraitrature games with the S Pen

Montenegro is like something from a fairy tale, so don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmingly inspired. You can always go old school and draw or write something with a notebook and pencil. But using the Note9 and S Pen means you can bring your artistic visions to life, conveniently and digitally . The S Pen has an extremely fine tip and 4096 pressure levels, making writing just as intuitive as it is with a pad and pencil. Draw an old building or sunset, or write about all the unique people on the streets. The contestants learnt all about the power of the S Pen during the third challenge, drawing portraits of the public. It’s a fun game and worth a try. Just don’t shy away from showing off your marvellous masterpieces.


Selfie fun in the Rafailovići tunnel

Connecting the towns of Budva and Bečići is one of Montenegro’s hidden gems, the Rafailovići tunnel. It’s a fun and easy alternative to catching a taxi or walking the streets. Plus, there’s plenty of interesting street art on the walls to keep you entertained. And even though the lighting is a little dim, that shouldn’t stop you from capturing some great photos. With the Note9’s dual aperture camera lens, you’ll be able to take photos with stunning detail even in the dark. The contestants used this handy feature to strike their best poses for a selfie competition in the tunnel. If they can do it, so can you. Go on, strut your stuff.

"You'll be able to take photos with stunning detail even in the dark."


Seize the day with the Galaxy Note9

Explore far and wide, multi-task, draw and write, snap a photo and more in just one day with the Galaxy Note9.

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