How to download everyday apps like WhatsApp, start making video calls or back everything up with Samsung Cloud.

Discover installed apps

From boosting your fitness with Samsung Health to sorting your snaps with Google Photos. Our pre-installed apps are ready to go.

Start with the essentials

  • Google Play Store

    Find millions of premium apps and games, all in one place.

  • Google Photos

    Sync and organise your photos across all your devices.

  • Samsung Health

    Track your health, challenge your friends and get workout tips.

  • Samsung Pay

    The secure way to make mobile payments with a simple tap.

    Making video calls

    When an email, message or emoji just won’t do, there’s video calling so you can chat face-to-face.


    Keep the conversation going

    • One swipe away

      Swipe up or down on your home screen to find WhatsApp.

    • All your contacts

      Everybody in one place: choose a contact to chat with.

    • Tap to call

      Move seamlessly from text chats to calls with a tap.

    • Voice or video?

      Talk to friends and family or catch up face-to-face.

      How to get apps

      The Google Play Store is packed with apps for you to discover. Here’s how to find a couple (of dozen) you’re sure to love.


      Do more with Samsung Pay

      Samsung Pay is the simple and secure way to make mobile payments almost anywhere you can tap a bank card. Use it to collect loyalty points, pay for transport and get great offers, too.1

      • Reinvent your wallet

        Your favourite bank cards are always on your phone, kept secure by an iris scan2 with every purchase.

      • Build loyalty points

        Upload your loyalty cards to collect or redeem points whenever you pay with your phone.3

      • Tap for travel

        Set up a bank card to pay for your travel around London: no verification required, just tap and go.

      • Find special offers

        Discover exciting offers and discounts around the UK, wherever you can use Samsung Pay.4

        Getting started

        • Get the app

          Download Samsung Pay from the Galaxy Apps store and sign in to your Samsung account.

        • Set your security

          Scan your fingerprint or iris2 and add a PIN to authenticate every payment made with your phone.

        • Add your cards

          Take a photo of your bank cards to instantly upload them to your new digital wallet.

        • Swipe and go

          Just swipe up from your home screen to pay with a single tap at the checkout.

          Explore Samsung Pay

          1Available with participating banks and merchants on selected devices. A payment limit may apply.
          2Available on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. 3Subject to store policies.
          4Promotions may not all be offered by Samsung. Subject to T&Cs. Samsung Pay may be used in-store only.

          Setting up Samsung Cloud

          It’s always good to have a backup plan just in case. Samsung Cloud is the safe way to backup your stuff automatically.


          Always safe and sound

          • Protect the essentials

            It’s easy to set up Samsung Cloud and keep hold of the important things.

          • Stay in sync

            You choose what to sync across devices, from contacts to calendars.

          • Daily backups

            Auto backup means all of your stuff restores itself, every 24 hours.

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