How to connect to Wi-Fi, change your defaults, save battery life or back everything up with Samsung Cloud.

Connect to Wi-Fi and more

Need to go online, connect to a Bluetooth speaker, or share your connection with a friend? It’s all just a swipe away.


Does your interface look different?Explore our FAQ.

Access Wi-Fi settings and more by swiping down on your screen.

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Hotspot

    Customise your phone

    Kiss those default settings goodbye. Customise your phone by giving your home screen a personal touch.


    Make it yours

    • Change wallpaper

      Choose one of ours, download one, or use a photo you love.

    • Move and delete apps

      Keep only the apps you want, and keep them right where you want them.

    • Widgets

      Quick glances of your email, calendar, music and more.

      How to save battery

      Nobody likes a low battery notification. Kick your phone into power saving mode to extend your battery life and stay connected.


      Setting up Samsung Cloud

      It’s always good to have a backup plan just in case. Samsung Cloud is the safe way to backup your stuff automatically.


      Always safe and sound

      • Protect the essentials

        It’s easy to set up Samsung Cloud and keep hold of the important things.

      • Stay in sync

        You choose what to sync across devices, from contacts to calendars.

      • Daily backups

        Auto backup means all of your stuff restores itself, every 24 hours.

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