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Push past the limits of your world, because you can, with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. With these phones, you can live stream your everyday moments in 360 degrees, step right into another world, and be motivated to take real steps toward staying fit.

Front view of Gear 360
Gear 360
Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ standing side by side
Galaxy S8 | S8+
Front view of Gear VR
Gear VR

Gear 360

Your life in 360 degrees

Record and capture the whole scene around you with the 360-degree lenses on Gear 360.

Front view of Gear 360
DJ performing live in front of crowd

360 Livestream

The phone that live streams your everyday

Live stream the moment as it happens by using Gear 360 and pairing it with your Galaxy S8 or S8+. Or use the Gear 360 app on your phone to edit and perfect your new 360˚ masterpiece.

Galaxy S8 with live streaming in process on screen.
DJ performing live in front of crowd
DJ performing live in front of crowd

Gear VR

The phone that takes you to another world

Insert your Galaxy S8 or S8+ into the Gear VR with Controller for adventures near and far.

Person exploring the world of virtual reality with the Gear VR

Samsung Health

The phone that keeps you on your toes

Healthy habits aren't developed in a day. Use the Samsung Health app on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ to record your daily activities—sleep, eating, exercise, and more—and get recommendations on how to reach your goals.

Gear Fit 2
Galaxy S8 with icon of Samsung Health

Samsung DeX

The phone that becomes a PC experience

Samsung DeX connects your Galaxy S8 or S8+ to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a desktop experience. So you can turn any place into a workplace.

Computer monitor turned off
Computer monitor turned on
DeX Station
Galaxy S8 turned on
Galaxy S8 turned off

* DeX Station and accessories sold separately.

Samsung Connect

The phone that connects to your home

With the Samsung Connect app on your Galaxy S8 and S8+, you have control of your smart home. Set customised commands like 'Good morning' or 'Good night' to manage or control several devices all at once.

Samsung Connect icon
Hand tapping Samsung Connect app on screen of Galaxy S8
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